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Is there a connection endo and colitis?

Hi there, I am new to this forum. Was diagnosed with endo at age 27, was in horrible pain, not knowing the cause was worse though. Under my gyno's suggestion first underwent hormone treatment to stop monthly cycle to try and shrink a mass in my left ovary which later turned out to be endo. Had endo removed, ovary was saved. Two years later it returned. Felt that twinge of pain again. This time I saw a fertility specialist in Boston. He was great, used a lazer to remove the endo. Recovery was so quick, no pain meds needed, just advil! He put me on low estrogen birth control pills and, now 12 years later sees me every 6 months. Seems endo has been kept at bay with this treatment. However, 2 years ago developed ulcerative colitis. Dr. Put me on balsalazide. I reacted immediately within a week symptoms subsided. Have now tapered back the dose to only 2 pills a day. Seems to be working. For some reason It hit me there may be a connection between the two, endometriosis and colitis. Anyone?

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Im being seen by separate hospitals for colitis and endo. I have to have yearly check ups for the colitis. I used to take asacol but the consultant has asked for me to try without it and for the moment I don't need it. Hope things are ok with you


Good to hear you are well Lou Lou, thank you for the reply. I take the generic of asacol. I am curious on the corelation between the two conditions. I am due to see my specialist for my routine Endo follow up I will mention it to him. Be well.


Hi - I know it was a while ago when you posted your query but I was searching for the same thing and came across your post. I have endo & colitis & had a merina coil fitted last August to treat the endo. I've had colitis flare ups ever since & can't get rid of it & I'm sure it's the merina causing it - there is nothing else I've changed. Have you managed to find out any more from your query? Thanks Jo


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