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The Whole30 works - a food plan is helping my pain!

Hi - I posted on here over a month ago about my pain and someone kindly replied to me that they had had some success with the Whole30. So today is Day 31 for me and I have followed the plan to the letter for 30 days.

I haven't taken any nsaids for 30 days as advised by the plan.

I am down to about half the amount of tramadol per day that I was taking.

I have been able to socialise, go out, get dressed up, have friends over more than I was able to before I started the Whole30.

I still have to leave places early, have a lie down, miss a few things but overall it is a big improvement.

I also stopped all HRT, which I was given after my hysterectomy last year, I understand endo can feed off that stuff so I stopped it the day I started the Whole30.

I have a great glow about me! Lol! My skin looks great I am so happy with how healthy I now look.

I still have quite a few issues and am waiting now to see a gastroentorologist and the pain team, making a decision on a further lap surgery, and I have to give up my Masters Course till next year, which is really heartbreaking.

I am working hard to getting my family and friends to understand that chronic pain is very hard to live with, and for the most part, people are understanding.

So, on top of all this, I lost 9lbs, which has really helped my self confidence. I am off wedding dress shopping tomorrow!

AND I am not doing their Reintro. I am starting a new Whole30 tomorrow. When something makes you feel human again you would be crazy to stop!

Anyway if you think it might help I do recommend it - I just googled it! And then bought the books.

No dairy, alcohol, legumes, sugar, grains for 30 days! Sounds tough but it isn't.

Good luck fellow endo warriors xx

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Lovely to hear some good news for once. Keep on shining! Best wishes x


Thanks a lot for the inspiration. Definitely going to look into Whole 30. Enjoy dress shopping! xx


Always nice to read a positive story. Happy to know you are able to have a better standard of life.

Don't know if I have the will power to cut out everything you mentioned. For now all I have cut out is alcohol, caffeine, fizzy drinks, and white bread (may have been a coincidence but I always got cramps after eating white bread sandwiches all week at work).

Hope it continues to work for you! And well done on the weight loss!


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