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Stomach pain after eating random foods

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Is it normal to have stomach pains and bowel issues after eating with endo?

I cant pinpoint any one food or thing that causes this. It seems to be really random every few days but is always after I eat!

If anyone has any ideas that would be so helpful 😊

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Hi I had endo with stomach and bowel problems so had a full hysterectomy October last year. Unfortunately I still have the problem after surgery so my stomach and bowel issues were not related to endo and now going for other tests. ☹ seek medical advice. Good luck.

Thank you. Seeking medical advice for the past 12 years has got me nowhere but I have a follow up in November.... its just so far away....

Well I hope you get to the bottom of it and dont give up, keep nattering the medical persons. They still havent got to the bottom of my problems with the eating side of things too it is difficult and can sometimes ruin fun times especially if you eat out. Good luck and hope all goes well.

Thank you so much, hope you get yours sorted soon too 😊

I’m going through similar, it’s an everyday thing. I get constipation all the time as well. Stomach pains can be due to this build up.

GP organised ultrasound, blood tests, so far nothing abnormal, apart from increase in size of fibroids.

I’m waiting on appointment for MRI and gastro stuff. The consultant has bought forward the MRI, he thinks due to Endo, but wants to make sure.

Still anyone’s guess, but you should contact your GP ASAP.

Thank you. I have done for the last 12 years. In the last year or so they just keep fobbing me off with no diagnosis and no steps forward....

Thank you for the advice 😊

Yes, me too in the height of my Endo days especially near period time and when the Endo had built up again. It's a pity us ladies were designed with all our bits in the same place. Now I have confirmed IBS and have scar tissue on ascending colon so do have flare ups but not as often as you. Suggest you cut out the foods that ferment in the tum and get yourself checked out by your GP to put your mind at rest.

That sounds terrible. It really sucks. My GP has been zero help and I've been to several, just so frustrating to have no answers.

Thank you for the advice 😊

Yup that’s me too! I have even started an Instagram page (endocarediaries) to document how difficult it is to figure out the right diet. I am researching foods that are supposed to help with Inflammation. I have also reduced my carbs intake. I found that red meat is very hard to digest for me so I have to slow down with that or slow cook it. I am not even 32 yet! It’s hard but what can you do.

I totally get this! Its so hard to figure out. I'm not even 26 haha. I've been trying to cut out certain foods to see if that helps aswell.

Thanks for the advice and I will definitely give you a follow on Instagram 😊

Yep unfortunately it's the norm for me now. Well until excision and a bowel shave or resection later this year. Might seem tedious...but keep a food diary for a few weeks. Everything goes on it, everything! Look for patterns, timings and foods. It taught me a lot. I avoid some things or at least know what to expect when I eat some things. Feel well soon x

I've found keeping a diary really helps!

You too thank you! 😊

Hello there, I have had suspected IBS for years. Am currently under Gastro and Gynae however after an endoscopy, CT scan and MRI of the abdomen, Gastro are convinced that my persistent pain is a Gynae issue. Awaiting a laparoscopy, so far pelvic MRI should no deep endo.

I have experienced on and off constipation for years, however in the last year, it's got very persistent. I kept a food diary for three months.

A key distinctive trigger, for immediate cramps/nausea and stomach pains was EGG! I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this, especially around the time my period is due, and during my fertility window.

Other foods that are inflammatory - caffeine, dairy, gluten, alcohol, processed foods, basically all of life's pleasures. Try following a strict diet for a month, and stick to a routine.

Have a look at a FODMAP diet, and avoid those gas inducing/fermentable foods.

Thank you so much for this! Hope you get sorted soon 😊

For me it’s anything at the moment, even water isn’t going through particularly well. Food is worse though.

I’m trying to speed things up where I can with referral stuff.

Its a nightmare normally but especially at the moment with the pandemic!

Tell me about it!

GP referred to gastro fast track to check for colon cancer (pretty sure not), gynaecologist for MRI to see how deep and where endo is, they can’t do this for a month, I can call in a couple of weeks to see if they can do any sooner. If MRI had been cancer check much sooner. Go figure, not sure how they work that one out when they can see the notes. I did speak to gynaecologist secretary to see if they can fast track it.

Sorry for whinge, I just don’t get when someone can’t eat much how are they supposed to have a semi-decent life. All I’ve had so far today is a serving spoon of pasta, gluten free, and a small bit of chocolate in the very early hours, that was more a craving. The only difference yesterday was half a brownie instead of choc 😂

I know, its insane. I totally get it so don't worry! My follow up was cancelled because of the pandemic and now they are saying it wont be until at least November!

Its so frustrating but we gotta keep going 😊

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