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So much pain


Hi everyone hope your all doing ok . My daughter is having a flare up at the moment and in so much pain it started yesterday and all of today she had been taking tramadol as she is struggling to cope but has been really sick with it so stopped taking them at lunch time today , she has been sick several times since , how long can flare ups last she had surgery in April

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Hi I had my surgery in January 2015 and I took a bad flair up In April 2015 was in hospital for three days I no when I have a flair up my pain can last as long as four or five days hope ur daughter gets better soon also I use hot water bottle if pain is bad in combination with tramadol

It's looking like the tramadol is making her sick so she can't take it but we have been trying the hot water bottle thanks xx

I'm the same tramadol makes me sick so normally give ibuprofen and paracetamol a try don't know if your daughter can take ibuprofen paracetamol xx

Hi, sorry your daughter is suffering, is she under a bsge specialist centre, ???

If not please get her reffered to one, if the job was done properly she may not be in pain for a while, it's possible that the surgeon has missed something, xxx

Gaily1770 in reply to Tboag

We have been led to believe he was a specialist but maybe it's time we went back to see him thank you

Tboag in reply to Gaily1770

Look up on the bsge specialist list, where do you live??, Where was her endo removed from, ??

I found that Tramadol made me very sick too. I take codeine or a combination of codeine and paracetamol spaced between ibuprofen. I had a flare up this week and contacted my doctor the next day who gave me new medication to try. It also leaves a trace on the medical record so the doctors can see how often its happening. I have had so many I was referred back to my bsge hospital who have been great. I hope your daughter is ok x

Thank you we are going back to the doctors tomorrow if we can get an appointment and get him to refer her to the bsge clinic alt how it's quite a distance from us but it's got to be worth it


I have flareups that can last anywhere from 2 days to a week.

I actually just started going to physiotherapy this month and my pelvic floor physiotherapist said I was tensed from my pelvis all the way to my chest, which was why my flareups were so bad and why they resulted in 'endo belly'.

Is she on any contraceptive to stop endo from growing? It's very important she is, she should go on progesterone, I'm 17 and I'm on progesterone and it has no side effects compared to the combined pill.

Here's a few physiotherapy things she can do to relieve pain:

Cobra yoga pose: lie on stomach, put hand infront and pull her back and back up like a cobra.

Quad stretch

Lunge stretch: make sure her knee is on the floor and her back is straight.

And I learnt a massage that helps when the pain gets bad: Tell her to find her hip bone and trail her hand down to her mons pubis, then tell her to go up again till she feels a 'dip' in the hip bone, that's where her muscle is tensed up, she needs to massage in circles for 2 minutes each. She needs to find it that's wha since the muscle is along there otherwise it could hurt b/c she might go to high up where it's even more tensed up.

Gaily1770 in reply to Hidden

I will tel her thanks we have just got back from the hospital as the pain got so bad she was not coping guini didn't even want to see her and as it was not a surgical issue they have just sent her come with coding as the tramadol was making her sick .why is it nobody seams to care !!

Hidden in reply to Gaily1770

With endometrioisis you have to keep seeing different dr's till you get answers.

I got my first period when I was 8/9 and I had issues since then and I'm waiting for a speacilist to book my diagnostic lap, I've been missdignosed with IBS, acid reflux, appendicitis, and had to see a physch till the dr's decided it was there but I had to live with it, I was 14 when that happened, I came back at 16 b/c of heavy bleeding and was finally refered to a gym after going on 2 pills. I saw my gyn last week (17 now) and asked about physio ask she told me I was "Young and healthy" so I didn't need anything, I wont see her again.

Women's health issues aren't as well known in the medical system, and nonetheless it takes 10 years to be dignosed, and even after that it's hard to get dr's to believe you b/c it doesn't show up on scans. I've been to the hospital 6 times and they and everytime I'm told I have to live with it, b/c 'periods are painful'. I know what your talking about the gyn not wanting to see her, the hospital needed to send a letter to my gyn b/c her nurses told me to wait for the pill to work...

I got refered to another gyn and if you can do that they might be more willing to help, This disease has a lot of issues with people who don't believe you and then people who do believe you but don't what to do anything.

I wish it was the patients option for treatment rather then the dr b/c the dr's know nothing about this disease.

It must be frustrating considering your daughter is suffering and although you're trying your best, nothing seems to help. I'm sorry x

If it was me, I wouldn't go down the painkiller route as it just covers up the pain and not really a fix to the problem. I would insist on seeing the GP (even if it's daily visits!) until they refer me to a gynae specialist.

Sometimes you really just have to keep at it until you get what you want.

Hope you get her sorted out x

gld87 in reply to FaithMarie

I have to agree with Faith here, getting the pain management right isn't a fix, and your daughter needs to be in the hands of a specialist who will investigate her pain further. Check out Lindle's BSGE approved centre posts - this will allow you you work out where the best specialist centre is in the UK and try for a referral to there.

You daughter may find the codeine isn't right for her, and if this is the case her GP can put her on an anti-sickness tablet which will allow her to take tramadol. I have to do this with oramorph as it works but makes me sick.

Hope your daughter sees an improvement soon - I know it must be tough for you as she's in pain and you have no way of fixing it, but I can tell you that your love and support, and simply being there will help her in more ways than you'll ever know. Believe me, I live with my Mum and she sees me at my worst and struggles when she can't fix it for me, but her being there to fill up my hot water bottle or bring me in some oranges means the world to me!


FaithMarie in reply to gld87

I need a mummy cuddle now! 😭 going to visit her in the US in 3 weeks time to get cuddles before my surgery. You're right, mums being there, no matter what age you are, always makes things better! ❤️

Gaily1770 in reply to FaithMarie

Here is a hug in the mean time till you get your mums hug ((((((hugs))))))) xx

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