'Normal' ultrasound yet I'm in so much pain???

I'll try and keep this short. I had an ultrasound today after having a history of uterine polyps to which I was operated on last December for. The scan today was obviously coz of my history. Confused me though as the lady who was scanning me was asked if she could see any endometrial polyps and the lady with the wand said yes and pointed to the screen (and I know I heard her say yes) yet when scan was done the lady said everything looked normal. So I said to her well the hysteroscopy I'm booked for in August I'll cancel. It was then that she insisted I still went to it as it was very important. Why tel me to go when she reckons the scan is normal? It's upset me her saying it's normal when I've had abnormal bleeding between periods. I've bled once after sex, bled after having shooting abdominal pains, bled in general and the last week I've had pains in my legs and the lower part of my back. I'm so confused

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Who wouldn't be confused after that? 🙆🏼

I would def continue with your hysteroscopy appt. There might be more to see, therefore, hopefully you will then receive some help to alleviate the horrible symptoms you are experiencing.😏

Sounds to me like something is amiss and very much like the problems I encountered before my diagnosis! Especially the pains down your legs and in your lower back. Urgh😩

Stick with it and see what the outcome is of your hysteroscopy.

Good luck!!👍🏻X

Sounds silly I'm just so confused. My pain is always on the right hand side of my tummy/ hip area. That's what made me go to the doctors over a year ago when all this started and it just showed an abnormal thick wall and a polyp. Even last night and this morning I'd feel the pains in my tummy. I've become used to it as part of every day like I don't really take medication for it unless it hurts badly

13 yrs ago I had massive swelling in my tummy I was unable to walk or even sit down,I saw my GP who sent me for a scan it turned out to b a cyst's on my right overy in which I had to have removed

It isn't silly, that's for sure. It could be that it's still the same and your period creates that extra pain. Or, that it might be something that needs just a little more investigation.

My daughter has had problems in the past too. She experienced similar symptoms to yourself and shared some of my endometriosis symptoms too. It turned out she had developed a dermoid cyst in her ovary. At the time it was decided that a 'wait and see' approach would be the best option. Scan to see if growing at a later date. As you do!

The outcome now being she has since had a child and during her pregnancy scans it transpired that her cyst had disappeared!! Yes! Still a mystery as to where it has gone exactly. That said she still has awful pains and problems during her period time. Now being investigated to see what is happening yet again.

It would probably be worth a visit to just see what is the cause of this intermittent pain and perhaps put your mind at ease.

Hope you get some answers very soon!

Remember that some endo cannot be seen on scans, so having an op is the golden standard of getting a true diagnosis....

That's what I want. It's not period pain the amount of times I've heard this. No one has period pain every day several times a day for over a year. I've just got in from a meal and even in the pub it started again and I was jumping like I'd been stabbed and holding onto my side. But I know people don't believe me which is what annoys me

Very true! 👍🏻

I had scan, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. The laparoscopy detected the endometriosis.

How many times did you have a scan and a hysteroscopy before you were allowed the laparoscopy?

My investigations were carried out over a 7 year period (pardon the pun) I had one scan and then a hysteroscopy and eventually, after many visits back and forth to my GP with symptoms that were put down to anxiety, stress and eventually hypochondriasis (yes, sadly that is, to this day on my records) I bit the bullet and had a private consultation. I had a laparoscopy and within a week of this, a diagnosis and an operation scheduled - I was in need of a total abdominal hysterectomy as I had severe, stage 4 endometriosis. I had cysts that had clumped together to create large endometriomas- the consultant gynaecologist informed me that my insides were 'an absolute mess' ! This was in spite of the fact I had been continuously telling my GP about the intermittent bleeding, leg pain, bowel problems, passing out without any warning and complete and utter fatigue.

I fully understand your frustration at not being heard - and your symptoms being dismissed as 'normal' period pains. Pain and normal shouldn't be in the same sentence where pelvic pain is concerned. And no, periods should not continue on and off throughout the day for over a year. That in itself should tell your GP that something is amiss. No wonder you're annoyed.

Hope this helps - and you get sorted sooner rather than later!

No I'm not bleeding every day I said I get abdominal pain each day. At times it's shooting and I grab my tummy. Mine started April last year and to this date it's been 2 scans, one hysteroscopy and one biopsy and one polyp removal on my womb x

Sorry Queenbee, my mistake.

Even so, experiencing pain daily is not what anyone needs.

A few things to consider in that case perhaps...

You may find something in this link that you can relate to.


Oh I've looked over this past year believe me haha

🐠.....Just keep swimming! 😉

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