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So much bloating :-(

Can someone help - I've been really struggling the past few days with terrible bloating! Today is horrendous, even my mum said it looks like I'm pregnant!!!

I tend to have to use Codeine for pain, but really don't like to as it makes me so constipated, but I haven't had any since Wednesday, so I know it isn't that causing it today..

The bloating always seems to accompany the pain too....

If anyone has any advice to relieve it at all I would be so grateful!!! I've had. Laxido to see if it helps and got a hot water-bottle but no luck yet...

Hugs xx

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Bloating can be caused by pelvic floor dysfunction. I'm gonna give you a massage to loosen up your PC muscle that's calmed down my bloating:

Try it on your hand 1st-

Make a circle with 1 hand (like your v) use a finger on your other hand move around the inside of your finger in a circular motion.

Now once you've mastered that, your going to put your finger in your v, clench your muscles like when your holding in pee (kegel). You should feel the muscle that does that against your finger, your going to do the massage you did on your hand in there, it might hurt a bit since it's so tensed up, try to do it for 5 minutes. If you have a lubricant or a safe oil you know your not allergic too, use it, otherwise friction is painful.

Do kegels 3 times a day, 10 times clenching and 10 times relaxing.

Here's a few yoga poses to do each for 20 seconds in this order:






Child pose

Another massage:

Find your hip bone and trail it down to your pubic bone, bring it back up on the line you trailed, you should feel a dip, massage in circles there, 2 minutes each side.

Hope these help:)


Peppermint tea always helps with my bloating X

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Codine gave me constipation too ask the doctor about dihidracodine I'm not sure how diffrent it is but it helps better with the pain for me and no blockages 😂 Xx


The yoga is very helpful. Avoid inversions (handstands, headstands, shoulder stands etc. When on that time of the month. As is unhealthy in terms of blood flow. Was told this by a Yoga teacher. Apologies if you already know this. Also lemon and ginger tea - by clippers is great.

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Thank you for the response!

I don't know much about Yoga at all, as I've never tried it... I know it is supposed to be very good... is there anywhere online I could find some tips for Yoga you can recommend?

Thank you x


Kino.yoga on youtube.com. I do it everyday. Also try googling The Endo diet on google. I have cut out gluten, wheat, most dairy, meat and alch. I highly recommend reading up on the Endo diet. Hope this helps.


Darn... I don't have access to YouTube, will try Googling it though!

I've got the Book by Dian Shepperson Mills... I did cut out Dairy & tried cutting out Wheat... the Wheat didn't seem to make any difference, but perhaps I ought to try cutting out the Dairy again.....

Thanks for your help! :-)


You may find it easier just to cut out cows milks, as this contains a protein that the body struggled to digest, hence the bloating. I've moved over to goats milk, but don't consume that much diary so haven't really noticed s drastic improvement. I tried going gluten free but that made the bloating worse so have switched back to wholemeal/brown bread and pasta.


Gluten free and wheat free products are not the vest as they contain alot of sugar there are some that are almost like eating the original thing like Nairns gluten free oatmeal biscuits - really good substitute for crisps highly recommend eating with chopped red raw onion, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, black paper a little salt and avocado and a dash of lemon juice. Good quality gluten/wheat free pasta - from either Waitrose, Sainsbury pr morrisons. Tesco's is horrible. However Tesco os doing a really good deal of the Sunrise Mesa gluten and wheat free cereal which normally costs closer £3.00 in places like Sainsbury, planet organic, whole foods and as nature intended and of course Tesco. They are currently selling it for £1.75.

It is vital to remember that gluten free products are not necessarily wheat free and wheat free products are not necessarily gluten free. Avoid Tesco's own brand of free from - ot is full of sugar and breaks like no one's busy. If you can generally mix up most of your diet with veg, fish sick as mackeral or salmon as they are oily fish full of vitamin D - really good for decreasing tiredness (I think) and eating brown, black or red rice instead of white and/or potatoes - gluten/wheat free for me has been more about increasing the consumption of other healthy food sources rather than buying alot of gluten/wheat free stuff as I have found that as mentioned above alot of it is full with sugar and really quite expensive. Not sure of you have managed to google The Endo diet but even small things like eating free range organic eggs can help. Hope this helps.


PS. Maybe try cutting out Gluten and Wheat and dairy for a whole 4-6 weeks. There are lots of alternatives for dairy milk. Try organic free range eggs if/when you do eat them and remember that gluten and wheat can be hidden ingredients in sauces for example gluten and wheat are both present in soya sauce and alot of sushi especially Wasabi sushi so it maybe best to try Itsu instead (for an example) or even to pick your sushi at WasBi rather than going for the prepacked stuff. Miso soup also has wheat or gluten in it. Frozen oven chips such as Mccain often has wheat flour used in it - which is very common. When it comes to chip, making your own at home is healthier. You can buy gluten and wheat free ketchup for example from as nature intended - it's yummy. All pre-packed Chinese style stir fry sauce that I have seem at places like Tesco, Sainsbury etc. Has either gluten or wheat or both and of course unless you buy rice noodles you will either have the choice of egg or usually wheat ones. Avoid Quorn products - they have soya, egg and wheat in them. Soya is one of those ? Mark products now some say it's ok others say it is not actually good for you. Obvious you go with what you think is best for your body. I try to avoid soya because of what it does to my digestive system. Hope this helps.


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