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Urine Retention from UTI

Hi everyone I hope yr all okay as can be

I don't know if this is endo related but I've just come back from hospital after having acute urine retention it started with a uti on Fri and I was in so much agony by sat morning I had go a+e even the morphine didn't touch the pain. They put a catheter in which was incredibly painful and took it out yesterday but I still couldn't wee so sent me home with another catheter with the flip flop switch but I'm finding it very painful to wee like sharp pain you get with an infection, when the catheter was in at hospiatl it didn't hurt for the wee coming out so now worried I have another infection I just feel awful I'm due back at hospiatl in morning. Just wandered if anyone had a similar experience with catheters or urine retention I've never heard of a uti causing wee retention cause I didn't catch it in time but that's what the drs are saying

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It takes a while to get used to catheters!! Get a mirror kneel on the floor& see your wee hole.do it VERY gently!! The more you relax the easier it will be.good luck.xx


Thankyou for yr reply I'm a little less sore this morning just feeling very sorry for myself it's been an ordeal! Just off to hospital now they will take it out so just hope I can wee! Xx


Bless you.best of luck.xx


Awe thankyou missymo , still waiting to pass a bit more but nice to have the catheter out.xX


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