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Endo & Urine Retention?

Hi everyone -

I'm new here and getting ready for my first lap in October to definitively diagnose endo and remove any that they find. It's already confirmed that I have a 6cm cyst around my left ovary and smaller ones on both ovaries.

Oddly, I have also been having trouble urinating over the past few months and this symptom is getting worse and worse. I saw a urologist who scanned my bladder and told me I am retaining urine.

Has anyone been told that their endo is causing urine retention and bladder issues? Did it get better/worse after your lap?

It's strange - I've had vague symptoms of painful periods, hesitation before urinating, and bowel issues for months/years in some cases - yet everything seems to be coming to a head this year. Not sure if others experienced a slow build up of symptoms like I am.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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I have bladder issues, but almost the opposite problem, I have frequent urination. It's better sometimes and worse others. Hopefully other ladies will be able to offer advice on retention X


Is this part of endo then? My old boss tried to put me on a ban fork img to the loo whilst teaching because I always need a wee (yeah he was an arsehole). I thought it was just me being a tea drinker! Xx


Hello! I'm waiting to be diagnosed, I've had urine retention on occasion and I suffer from frequently needing to go as if it's urgent when it's not! So I'm a mixed bag. If you're constipated then you'll hold urine when it's really bad... Short of that I was told it could be part of endo depending on where the tissue is.... But as I said, I'm yet to get a diagnosis :( hope you get it sorted. Xxx


From the sound of it (and other posts on here that I've read) it seems pretty common having these bladder issues so there must be some relation to the endo. Are you scheduled for a lap? Good luck w/ everything!


Thanks Hun yeah it's on September 1st! Can't bloody wait!!!!! Xx


Let us know how it goes!

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hi sukoshi, my condition is exactly like your condition. ı have been diagnosed for endo almost 3 years ago, i have been having all the symptoms, gradually worsening. And just like yours, my symptoms got worsen for the last few months. especially for the last one month, ı have real difficulty while urinating, (hesitation, urinating very frequently etc.) i went to an urologist 3 weeks ago and it seems that i have urine retention and also lately i went for MR and the result tells that my uterus has been anteverted. within a month, i have gone for ultrasounds for 5-6 times, different radiologists and gynecologists, different hospitals, which are all showing different results. one of them tells that i have several cysts in both ovaries with different sizes (biggest is 7 cm) whereas another tells that i have one cyst on one side (7cm) and one (8cm) on another. i also have a severe pain in my legs, actually pain all over my body and feeling very fatigue and aggressive as well. however, i am resisting to going under surgery. i am a little lost :(


Our symptoms do sound similar! Yes, it's so confusing seeing all these different doctors for second and third opinions. I hope they can help figure things out! I'm very nervous for the surgery but it's the only way they can say for sure what's going on and I think that's worth it (especially as I'm thinking about kids in the future). Good luck w/ everything!


i want to give chance to acupuncture and other holistic self healing methods before applying for the surgery. what have you tried to heal yourself so far?


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