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spotting after zoladex injection


few days back i had my 2nd it quit normal have spotting even after zoladex. i have 1 more injuction left..

plz help

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Hi. I'm on my 4th zoladex injection and I'm still spotting all the time.

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is this normal?? anything to worry?? do i need to consult doc??

2 me it's not normal 2 be spotting/ bleeding. And I consulted my doc about the same thing. But it got me no way. It's like thay don't care. But u can try it and see. As for me I have a app at the hospital Thursday 2 c what's next 4 me

I was really bad on zoladex, I was bleeding the whole time I was on it, got told that with each person it's different. I never finished course of injections.

When you start zoladex you are likely to have a big bleed/have a long period of spotting. Everyone's different so it can vary quite a bit in terms of how much you bleed but I went on spotting almost up to my 5th dose and was told this can be expected though it usually doesn't go on that long (typical that my body chooses the extreme!). I would guess that most doctors will tell you that bleeding is normal for a time and not to be worried unless you are bleeding very heavily or for extended amounts of time, mine just checked for anaemia and sent me on my way.


i had laparoscopy for endo on may 2014. As my Doc said i finished my last 3rd zoladex on 2nd july 2014. Till today i didnt get my periods, but sometimes I am having abdominal cramps from left and right side, and lower back pain. but this is not unbearable. I feel like I am going to get my period now but its just discharge and i am having fatigue. During zoladex, I had vaginal dryness but now I am having white milky dischage. Before i had painful sex and now thats fine.

Why is it so?? is it normal?? when do i get my periods? Have anyone experienced??

Even before diagnosing endo in me, my period were not very painfull. but after 2 weeks of my laparoscopy and 1st zoladex implant (which i took next day of lap), i had my period which were unbearable, i felt like i am going die. oh my god.

My Doc said u must conceive before u get my first period after finishing zoladex treatment. because there are chances in me to have endo again if i get periods, so i will not get doc asked us ti try after for a baby after last zoladex implant. but i read on net, it is better to conceive after getting first periods. i am confused what to believe? and how do i knw that i am ovulating? because my menstrual cycle is unknown.

hysterectomy study: normal

laparoscopy : severe endometriosis

Friends i need ur help plzz.

i am trying to get pregnant for the last 3 years and till today it is a big no.. i really want a baby.

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