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Cerezette bladder problems

Hi everyone

I hope you're all as well as can be!

I've been taking cerezette for just under 3 weeks. Initially had alot of pelvic pain and my moods are all over the place and very sore boobs but the last few days I've had the most horrendous shooting pains in left side of vagina and it's really affecting my bladder i have constant pressure on bladder and quite often its difficult to come out and hurts at the end of weeing. Will get it checked today. I remember last year being on it for a month and having shooting pains but thought it was coming of amitriptyline.. I've read a bit about the pill causing urine infections so just wandering if anyone had experience of this..x

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I've been on Cerezette for about seven months now and I started to experience something similar about three months ago (from the start it caused me pelvic pain but my bladder wasn't too bad). Went to the doctor about the bladder pain and according to him there is nothing wrong, but its been getting so bad that the pain makes me feel like I need to pee every 20mins - 1 hour and when I do go to the toilet it is dead painful. Not sure if it is to do with the pills, but its the only thing I can think of.

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Hey thanks for your reply. I think the drs would never agree that the pill would do that, after looking online I found a few things saying that the progesterone only pills especially can agitate the bladder. Turns out I do have an infection and I've not had one for years so I'm very inclined to think it's the pill that's done it..

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I was on cerazette for about 20 years and really helped my endo initially. Still had surgeries but slowed it down and had less bleeding. Last year i stopped taking it as was making my bleeding worse and more frequent. I'd been on it too long really so stopped working. Since coming off im more regular but the pain knocks me for 6 and i cant leave the house for 2 days due to such heavy bleeding. Im now on sickness monitoring at work which is something I've struggled with for over 25 years. This is a disabling condition and they just dont get it. Been to see Mr Trehan about surgery but i dont have £21k! Who does. He's the best but how can you want to help women who suffer by making it so far out of their reach. Need to do some research and find another surgeon as so far I've had 8 operations and only laser treatment ever been carried out which just makes more scar tissue and doesnt get rid of it.


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