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Endo and adenomyosis and cerezette

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So, just seen consultant after diagnostic lap last month. They have confirmed endo on right ovary, tube and under womb and have also said that what they first thought was fibroids in my womb is in fact adenomyosis. Has anyone got both of these? Any advice as I know very little about adenomyosis (will get on Google now!) He has suggested a three month trial of cerezette which I am nervous about as heard people have reacted badly to it. Anyone else tried it? Be really grateful to hear any stories, am getting so confused as every time I have another scan or see a different consultant I get different info (I trust this one he is endo specialist all others have been general gyne), it's so much to take in each time!

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I was on cerazzete for a few years. To start with it worked really well for me I didn't have a period for 2/3 years. Sadly it stopped working for some reason i got cysts on my ovaries and started bleeding again so had to come off it, but over 2 years pain free was great.

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That's great that it worked for a few years, fingers crossed you find something to help you. Thanks for your reply, it's good to hear a positive experience x

Unfortunately, I have both!

I haven't been on cerezette, they wanted to put me on it but I just chose to not go back on the pill.

I had radical excision for endometriosis, which is when he found that I have Adenomyosis, and that he couldn't do anything about it if it has gone into the wall, as I'm young and don't want a hysterectomy, all I do is paracetamol and ibuprofen to manage pain!

Did they excise the endo that they found?

As far as I'm aware, nothing surgically can be done about adeno unless you have a hysterectomy, its a bitch really.

Sorry I can't be more help! Xx

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Thanks for your reply, it really is a bitch! The endo I have is all over my right ovary so he said he would probably need to remove that so wants to wait the three months to see if cerezette helps as the ne t thing he has suggested for the adeno is hysterectomy so he would go the two things together (am 41 and have a gorgeous boy so that is a viable option for me at least for the adeno) So much to get your head around isn't it! X

I tried Cerazette for 4 months but had constant bleeding, also felt very irritable. Everyone is different though so it might be worth trying and you can always stop taking it if it doesn't agree with you xxx

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Good idea, will try it and see how I get on x

I have both endo and adenomyosis as well as multiple fibroids. I was offered meds but refused as I am already on 4 tablets a day for interstitial cystitis - I hate having to rely on daily medication but IC is a chronic condition which I will always have and although not curable can at least be controlled with meds. So I have been advised to have a hysterectomy retaining the ovaries. In the words of my gynae I have a very unhealthy womb. I am older and not yet showing any signs of menopause so have decided to go ahead with the hysterectomy.

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goodness you are dealing with so many things, really hope the hysterectomy goes well for you x

I was put on cerezette soon after being diagnosed through scan that I had Endo, it took quite a while for my periods to finally stop, a lot of break through bleeding but it did eventually settle down and stop my periods altogether and it did actually help some of my symptoms. I did read quite a few bad stories about people's experiences with cerezette before I took it but I think everyone is different and it's worth giving it a go. I then had my first lap and went straight back on the cerezette until I then started on 6 month gonapeptyl injection until my second stage surgery I now have been given zelleta which is apparently the same as cerezette but cheaper version apparently the doctors are no longer able to supply cerezette anymore? I'm feeling abit irritable on this at the moment it's been a month so far but I'm going to see if it settles down.

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Thanks for your reply, that's a shame you had to change, I had that years ago on one pill that was great, it had taken a long time to find the right one for me, then they stopped doing that one, gave me a different one that was apparently the same but it made me have horrid mood swings. Hope your new one settles down soon x

I'm about to try cerazette for Endo and adenomyosis so very keen to hear people's experiences. Good luck. I hope it helps you!

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You too Poppy! Best of luck x

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Thank you :) I don't know if you've noticed but there was another post yesterday regarding cerazette. Worth following!

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No missed that one, thanks will have a look now X

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