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Please help. Post op sickness

I had a laparosopy 6 days ago and I thought I was doing OK. Until yesterday morning I was hit with a horrendous fever and chill. I had sickness and aches all over. Took hours of ice towels to cool me down and paracetamol. The doctor didn't feel the need to see me as he didn't think there's much more he could do and didn't think my wounds sound infected. The fever part has mostly gone but I can't stop feeling sick and dizzy and trying to be sick. I've taken anti sickness tablets and slept alot. Been drinking fluids but I can't take this anymore. Could it still be a reaction to the anesthetic? Did this happen to anyone else?

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Hi hunny, sorry your feeling so bad, could you perhaps ring your consultant, or his secretary for some advice, your gp should have seen you to check you over,

If you start feeling worse not better I would go a&e it could be an infection or a reaction to something,

Or it could just be a bug and a coincidence that it's happening at this time,

Good luck, I wish you better xx



I phoned my consultants secretary yesterday and they said it doesn't sound like an emergency and to ring my GP.

I have just phoned my GP this morning and I am getting a home visit today to check me over thank god. I'm still unable to really walk or do anything since the surgery and my stomach is quite sore


That's great, let me know how you get on, x


Great that you're now getting seen. I hope you feel much better soon xx


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