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Hormonal treatment

update from my appointment today which which had me in tears from an excruciating internal examination :(

So the gyne still doesn't think that the amount of endo he found or the amount that has been found on previous laps on my notes should be causing me as much pain as it is doing. He advised me that it was very minimalist amounts found and is saying that it could be just general ovulation :/ however he is not happy that i am in so much pain daily. So he wants to put my ovaries on a rest for 3 months by having hormonal treatment to see if the pain is still there or not as he thinks that it could be IBS and that its actually my bowels that are giving me these pains. Now I have been told that i had ibs before i got diagnosed with endo and i do suffer with my bowels but i also do my bladder and when i mentioned this today he kind of ignored my bladder situation.

Not really sure what to think of this hormonal treatment I'm scared and do want to become a mum. He is aware of this and said all my tubes are fully open (had a dye test on last op) and my ovaries are good however he wants to do this try and rule things out and see if it isn't the endo causing me pain.

I am asking to see my GP to just discuss this hormonal treatment before starting it to see that its all safe with regards to wanting a family which i believe it is but would like a little piece of mind and I'm thinking when i do to still ask about the referral to the bsge center.

If anyone has any info on hormonal treatments i would very much grateful to hear about it. I'm so worried, its only a 3 month period he wants me to try but is it safe :/

thanks in advance :)


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I have been on Zoladex twice both times for 6 months,i suffered with very bad hot flushes and was put on hrt and i was fine.I have 2 months ago been put back on Zoladex and this time i have suffered the most vile daily headaches,was not on hrt i also had just had my third iron infusion the same time i started the zoladex so gp was not sure what was the main cause of the headaches so did not have my second implant when it was due my headaches stopped after 2 weeks,so i feel it was the zoladex but i dont know for sure and the 2 times i had zoladex before i had no headaches so it shows it can give different side effects to the same person.I am due to go back on the Implant later today for a very long course and i will also be taking hrt to hopefully stop the headaches.You could try it see how you get on,we are all different and remember if you were really unlucky and have bad side effects you can have the hrt you can take or you could stop the implants after the month is up.As for fertility it does not effect that and also remember you still have to use contraception while on zoladex.Ask for the referral to a bsge centre. I went to my first app at bsge centre and they were all fantastic and i came out feeling so much more informed.


It doesn't matter how much endo you have. I have a mild case of it but before I had the mirena coil fitted I used to get daily pain that was unbearable at times!! Whereas some women can have a lot of endo and get hardly any pain at all.

All I know is that I had years of suffering in pain on a daily basis, during sex, during exercise, if I ate the wrong foods. I had constant bloating and was dosed up on so many painkillers I was pretty much a zombie. Had the mirena fitted and I get none of that anymore! Worth a try :).

Hope you start to feel better soon, I have had many frustrating visits at the doctors and hospital in the past so know how it feels xx


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