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Endo. hormonal treatment not working..

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Hi there it's the first time I have posted on here but im getting so frustrated with endo and ongoing treatment. I had a lap in December and had spots on my overy but fear it's coming back... I have been on the hormonal treatment ( injections every month ) for about 5 months now and the treatment Is ment to shut down my reproductive system ( early menopause ) but I am still having period which are worse than before and I bleed at least twice a month now :( I've been experiencing dark blood for the past week or so now but had a proper period 2 weeks ago. I don't understand? :/ I don't think the treatment is working and my only other option is a hysterectomy but im only 25 years old and have no children. I desperatly want them but struggle to get pregnant. Is there any advice anyone can give me or is anyone experiencing the same symptoms? I'm at the end of my teather with this now as I fear I will lose my job. How would I go about trying to conceive with help? Please help me guys thanks so much xxx

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Hi he's told me I can have the coil.. surgury to keep removing it, this hormonal treatment I'm on or a hysterectomy. The reason he said the hysterectomy is because of the amount of pain I'm in and I can't cope, He has gave me no other options. I am based at the nottingham treatment centre. I have had pills to counteract the side affects from the treatment but like I say the treatment itself is not working. I just don't know what to do next but ive made an appointment to see him next week. Thanks for your reply. Genuinally think I'm gonna try to conceive with some help first. We will see x


Im sorry i don't have alot of advice for you but I just wanted to say that I have been on the same injections as you for 3 months and I actually had the worst 2 periods of my life (the last 2) ITs so frustrating isn't it and worrying that the injections actually made the pain worse! I hope you get some relief soon its an evil disease X

Hi there sorry to hear it happened to you also. Whats ur next plan of action or your train of thought regarding next steps? I have no idea what to do untill I speak to the surgeon Thursday. This last period had been awful too and has last for 2 weeks!!

I also forgot to mention that I also had endo and scaring on my uterus tendens or something :/ so I don't know if that extra bit of info helps explain my situation. I'm not very good at saying all of this stuff lol x

Hi I have just been to see an endo specialist and she has booked me in for MRI and then will be having a lap, i had a cyst removed last may and have struggled with pain ever since its now suggested i could have Rectovaginal endo so just hoping the lap will help! Its taken forever to get to this point as i just saw a general gyne so at least now the consultant im seeing knows about endo! Good luck!

How did u get this arrangement with a specialist? I have no idea how to go about it.. does it cost u alot of money? Hopefully for u this lap will help. Ill keep my fingers crossed for u. All the best x

Awe thanks :) Lindle on here helped me with who I needed to see, it was £200 but she has now referred me back to NHS as surgery and scans would be too expensive! x

Great stuff! She is in the process of helping me also. Lovely women :) x

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