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Worried 😖

I had my first lap on 29th July where I had some endo removed and my healing process was great! The only problem being is I haven't stopped bleeding from after my op, it started as spotting but has gradually got heavier, the past week I have also started to get extreme pain that is hard to deal with and my doctor gave me codeine but even 60mg isn't easing the pain anyway, my doctor was concerned as I am on the contraceptive pill so this bleeding or pain isn't my period. I had an internal exam and I was told that is isn't an infection. I am booked in for blood tests in two weeks. The pain is so hard to deal with and 10x worse than before my lap.. I just want to feel human again 😔Has anybody else experienced this? Help 😟😟

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I had my first lap and endo removed 8 weeks today and still experiencing daily pain and periods which are more painful than pre lap. I was told by all medical staff that bleeding is very common up to three months but that hasn't been the case for me. I'm being referred back as still swollen too. Codiene isn't the best for it. I've taken tramadol which is better but has awful side effects. Ibuprofen is apparently good too as it's an anti inflammatory. I'd go back to see your dr if your concerned though


I went to see an emergency dr last night and I have an infection, I have been given two types of antibiotic so I'm just hoping that within a couple of days I'm feeling abit better, I have stopped taking codeine and back to diclofenac, thanks for your reply 😊

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Hope you get better soon xx


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