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negative test but no period


I was due my period today, no signs of it coming at all, and I get signs a few days before.

Took test with first wee of the morning with clear blue digital with weeks indicator and "not pregnant" was the result. Can't lie I was sad.

I had the coil out just over 4 weeks ago and came on 2-3 days after it was removed, full on proper period then had ovulation signs 2 weeks after. Even with the coil I was still having very light periods and was cycling sometimes a little early but most of the time I was on time.

When do I retest, or do I just go straight to the GP?

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I think you have to wait at least 5 days for it to show! Fingers crossed for you! X


Thank you, it has been 2 weeks since I ovulated and at least 5 days since I last had sex. I will retest at the weekend

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