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Acupuncture...does it work?

Has anyone tried acupuncture to try to relieve their pain?

I hate taking pain killers, most of them make me feel sick (tramadol turned me into a puking zombie) and I'm also allergic to the brightly coloured sugar coating that lots seem to have now.

I read somewhere that acupuncture could help, but it isn't cheap, so I'd be interested in any stories of this treatment, or anything else, that made you feel a bit more human.

Cheers ladies! x

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I'm having acupuncture and it helps a little with pain but more so helps me relax and sleep better the night (& maybe next few) after treatment.

I know it's expensive but I'd give it a go. You'll know after one or two sessions if it helps.

Good luck


thanks - I think I'll give it a go.


I had acupuncture a while ago and I found it really helped. It also regulated my periods and made them less clotty and heavy. It also helped me conceive. I did do it for at least 3 months, I found it took a while to really see the effects.


Sorry to be a downer, but it did not help me at all. Maybe because my acupuncturist was rubbish. But I have heard that it really works well for some women, so I would say it is still worth a try. I don't know what all you have tried so far but some other things that seem to help many women are: the endometriosis diet, hot water bottles (some people alternate hot packs and cold packs), yoga, meditation, fertility massage, castor oil packs, turmeric and/or ginger supplements, tart cherry juice, diy pain salves, crystal therapy etc etc. Can't say that I have tried all of these myself, I am just trying them one by one and hoping something works. So far, I can say that the endo diet has helped a bit with the fatigue (not with the pain unfortunately). Hot water bottles definitely help. I recently started yoga and meditation and I can honestly say they are helping too.


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