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High blood pressure

Hello can anyone tell me if having endermetriosis can cause high blood pressure I work in care so decided to do my blood pressure a few weeks ago and it was high, it's been the same now for well since I've noticed two weeks but could be longer, contacted my doctors on Monday Saw a male nurse practitioner who also checked and confirmed high blood pressure, I have been having the decapeptyl injections since June for pain relief till I see my consultant again, so did wonder if that was the cause nurse didn't seem to agree but to be honest he didn't seem to know about endermetriosis so I sort of gave up asking questions. He decided to prescribe me a low dose of ramipril then a blood test in 10 days, blood pressure check the end of August I was hoping I would get my body back after surgery last year but I feel so exhausted most of the time.

Thank you for taking time to read hope someone might have some advice and positive answers for me Paula X

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Sorry you have to contend with thus as well as everything else

I'm not sure high blood pressure is connected with endo or treatments

I had zoladex for four years for severe endo and have always had blood pressure on the low side ,but that's just me


Hi Paula

You had complex rectovaginal endo. Do you know it you had endo on your ureters? The ureters run very close to the pouch of Douglas which is likely to have been involved and the left ureter is more commonly affected than the right. The kidneys control blood pressure and a silent symptom of an obstruction to the ureters is raised blood pressure. This can pretty much be the only sign. My raised blood pressure was cyclical (even though I had no ovaries) and would peak around 200/110. The doctors were unconcerned but I knew it was ureteral endo and sure enough I had it on both. You need to have blood tests to check your kidney function if you haven't already and when you see your consultant you need to be assessed for possible endo on your ureters as it can damage your kidneys. A specialist should have seen it though but you do need to rule it out. X


Hi Lindle

Thank you for your reply I had a wedge resection of the sigmoid colon in October last year, my MRI was done in March this year as I was still having recurring pain in my left side and pelvic area, and some pressure in my vagina the scan has reported two functional cysts on the right ovary ( had the left one removed in 2013 due to cysts and they found endermetriosis and fibroids so had a hysterectomy due to blood clots and serve pain, mum passed away with ovarian cancer at 48) their is mild thickening of the pelvic ligament and a 11mm rectovaginal nodule ( not sure if a 11mm is mild or not) I have multiple bands between my rectovaginal septum and sigmoid colon.

My gynaecologist is going to discuss my case with the MDT and tell me my options avaliable on 29th September she said if I needed surgery I will need two surgeons one for the bowel same consultant as before and the gynaecologist.

I'm due to have a blood test to check my bone, liver and renal profile on 18th August. Fingers crossed its all ok

Paula x


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