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My First Gynaecology Appointment - NHS



About 2 month's ago I had some odd lower left abdomen pains, they came and went as days went by but I decided to check it out with my GP as they had been coming and going for around a month. He sent me for an ultrasound scan and an internal scan (probe) and it turns out I have a cyst. After this, my pain went away and I haven't had it since but my GP just referred me to a gynaecologist without much explanation beyond that.

So, I have just booked my first gynaecology appointment for about 3 weeks time. I was just wondering what to expect on the first appointment seen as my pain has gone and I've already had a scan and been probed? I have three main questions which I would really appreciate some answers to before I go if anyone can shed some light I'd be very grateful.

1. Will I need my internal scan (probing) done again as they want to look further?

2. Will I have to have some sort of camera inserted so they can see better?

3. Will they just 'send me away' so to speak as my pain has gone now and it's been around 3 weeks since I last had it?

4. Will I need to have a blood test? (I just hate these, I faint, feel light-headed and queasy and want to avoid at all costs)

I feel I should mention that I'm 22 years old, from the UK and this is being done on the NHS.

I have searched online for all of these answers but there doesn't seem to be much on them :( I kind of hope number 3 is the case, I haven't had the pain for a while and I really just want to move on with my life without appointments hanging over me all the time D: Any help would be greatly appreciated :D Thank you in advance.

UPDATE: So I rang my GP Practice just to be sure about the blood test, turns out when you have a cyst a blood test is required -.- so they fit me in yesterday afternoon, which is why I didn't respond to anyone yesterday as I spent most of the day freaking out. I'm just glad I had it done by my nurse and not at the hospital, she's very nice and really understanding. I'm just glad it's over, and my heart goes out to anyone who has to have blood tests regularly. :)

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Hey, I’ll try and help a little bit but do you have any issues with like your periods etc?

I’m having my first ever surgery next week as I’m suspected of having endo and something wrong with my ovaries.

Cysts come and go, I get the sharp pains when they are bursting a lot. They probably just want you to see a gynae to make sure there’s nothing going on etc.

The gynae will do a pelvic exam and these aren’t very nice but necessary most of the time. I’m 19 and had about 20 of these already haha.

They will probably just keep an eye on you for a few months and ask questions about what you had and if you have any symptoms of PCOS.

They will only do a laparoscopy if it’s necessary or the cyst twists/ruptures. Xx

Hey :) thank you for getting back :) nope, I've never had an issue with my periods, they're on time (give or take a day) and of normal flow :)

I hope all goes well for you :)

Yeah I'm hoping that the pain was just the cyst getting large but now I don't have the pain maybe it's deflated? I don't know?

What is a pelvic exam? is that the transvaginal scan probe because I already had that done :/ awe noo :(

I'm hoping so, I've been stressing over it tbh :/ I don't think I've had symptoms of PCOS, the only symptom I had was the lower left abdomen pains that came and went every few days but have stopped now :/

Do you know if they will give me a blood test? blehh I really dislike anything like that

Thank you for your help :D xx

Pelvic exams are where the gynae will feel the uterus with their fingers and then touch around your lower stomach. Honestly they aren’t very nice and can make you feel slight embarrassed at first but it’s normal. If you feel uncomfy at any point, tell them

Sometimes PCOS doesn’t cause symptoms but I hope it’s not that for you.

They will only give you a blood test to test hormone levels. I hate them as well tbf and I’m freaking out over surgery atm xx

:( sounds horrible ... hats off to the gynae for doing this job though :( Yeah, I felt uncomfortable with the transvaginal scan but that sounds worse D: oh I hope so too :/

gah! I really don't like blood tests, I think I'm freaking out over that more than I am the actual appointment :( I hope everything goes well and as smoothly as possible for you :)

Thank you for all your help xx

No worries and just try to relax the best you can or distract yourself with activities you like.

I’ve had so many pelvic exams and singing a song in my head tends to help a little xxx

Yeah, I'll try my best :) thank you so much, I'll try and memorise the lyrics to some songs before I go haha!! xx

Some woman do experience cysts that come and go with their menstrual cycle, myself included. It may be that you had a cyst and now it's gone which is why you're pain has stopped x

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Yeah, thinking about it, it was around the week after my period that the pain started but then when my next period came it disappeared, maybe it was just a cyst that was part of that menstrual cycle. I will tell them when I go for my appointment that I don't have the pain anymore, but I'm still a tad nervous in case they still want to investigate :(

Thank you for your help :)

Hiya, that is very interesting you go a gyne appointment so quick. Like you had ultrasound scan that showed I had cyst's but after I had the scan I got given a blood test to confirm I had psoc. I got told PSOC shouldn't cause any pain and got sent home with nothing. It then took another 2 years of going backwards and forwards to the Dr and loosing my job (because of the pain) to get a referral to see my first gyne.

Honestly it'll be worth it just to get checked out and be on the safe side. You're lucky you got one so quick of the NHS.

If you're GP didn't give you a blood test I'm sorry to say they may give you one. I don't like having them either but I've had millions done now and it'll be worth it. Because having one can confirm what type of cyst it is.

They will most probably examine you as I think it's a standard thing lol I've had it done multiple times now.

I hope I've given you enough information and I hope you're appointment goes well. Fingers crossed you don't get anymore pain from now on. Xxx

hey :) I thought that too tbh, I was shocked when they said for mid-August as I was expecting to be waiting till at least October or November :/

awe no, it's a shame when you have to keep going back and forth like that :( I'm so sorry :(

Yeah, I hope so, I'm going to be completely honest with them and just tell them everything as I've started writing things down now, but the pain I first went to the GP with has completely gone now :/

D: that's what I feared the most, blehhh I really don't like them, I wish I could be one of those people who isn't phased by them at all but I'm just not. My nurse at the GP place is nice so I don't mind too much when she does it because she can see me freaking out haha but I've heard a lot of horror stories about hospital blood tests where they just don't really care? but Yeah I guess so, I just wish they could knock me out for 10 minutes whilst they take the blood D:

I don't think the examination will be too bad for me, I've already had the transvaginal and that was uncomfortable enough so hopefully, everything goes to plan.

Yes, Thank you for your help I really appreciate it :D thank you, yeah my fingers and toes are all crossed :D

Yeah that took them forever to do it. I even found myself in A&E because the pain was so bad I couldn't move I think because of that I finally got my referral.

That's a very good idea tel them everything.

That's not nice at all, I understand I used to be the same when it came to blood tests. You could always ask you're nurse if she could give you a blood test before you go to the hospital? She could then give you the results to pass onto them. So you don't have to go through it there. It'll be one less thing to wary about then.

It'll be so worth it once it's done and out the way. Xx

Awe noo that's horrible, it's a shame when it has to get to that stage just for someone to listen to you and refer you.

Yeah I did, I rang them Saturday and they managed to have a slot yesterday so the blood test is all done, she said that I'd have to take a print out to my appointment because they can't access it from there, but I'm glad it's over :D Thank you so much for your advice :D

That is but at least they've finally decided to listen it's such a shame because I dread to think other woman could be having the same problem as I had. So it's nice to hear they've referred you quickly.

That's fantastic news! I'm so pleased it's all done and out the way for you. Good luck for you appointment! At least now you can relax.

I'm pleased to help. :) xx

My daughter had the same problem and her cyst ruptured and was told you may never get another one. I think you would probably have another ultra sound if it happens again. I doubt you would have toHave a blood test. I hope it never comes back and you can get on with your life. Lots of woman have a cyst then that’s it they don’t get any more. Good luck

ohh really? I hope I don't get another one but I'm not sure whether mine ruptured, yeah if I got the pain back they would probably send me for another one :/ I hope so, I really don't want a blood test. Me too, thank you for all your help :)

You would know if your cyst ruptured the pain is unbearable. Hope all goes well for you

Hi! I had the same thing. Was sent for an internal ultrasound and they found the cysts so was referred to gynae clinic. The consultant said one in 3 women will experience cysts and they come and go quite often on their own. However due to my other symptoms (heavy periods, general pelvic pain) she offered a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis. I had that done 4 days ago and they did find that I have endometriosis. It depends on your consultant. They may send you for another scan just to check if the cyst has changed, but if you are completely symptom free they might not look any further. Hope this helps!

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Hey :) Ohh I hope this one has gone, I didn't have any other symptoms apart from the lower left abdomen pain so maybe mine isn't endometriosis. I'm so sorry, I'm glad you got a laparoscopy because I've read a lot that they hard to get on the NHS; you can progress from here :) thank you for your advice :)

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Thanks! No worries - happy to help.

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