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New member! Lappy booked. Cancelled twice. Argh!

New member! Lappy booked. Cancelled twice. Argh!

Hello ladies! Thought I'd say hello. I'm new to endo but have seen a close friend go though it from a younger age and end up with a full hyster aged 31 (has made her life so much better).

Anyway a quick one, I've been self managing crap periods since a teen and not realising how bad they were naturally until I took a break to have my little one who's now five.

I fell quickly so didn't get much time to realise that the pain etc wasn't normal

Now I stopped the pill thanks to migraines and constant pain (little did I know it was possibly endo).

I was lucky enough to see an awesome senior nurse (a guy) who recognised it and said he thought it was endo and put me on danazol ahead of booking gynae.

That was back in March!!

Seen gynae who realised I've been through every pill, danazol and therefore couldn't argue about booking a Lappy. Although they've cancelled twice. I actually cried yesterday when they cancelled my app for what should have been two weeks away.

It's now on September 1st.

In the meantime I'm stuck with codeine, paracetamol or naproxen plus anti nausea mess with anti acid meds and am already on citalorpram... Fed up of it all tbh!

I'm a freelance photographer so mainly working weekends this hols.

What's with the exhaustion?!

The bloating? I look pregnant.... I'm having to hide my belly. I managed to lose my baby weight by last year and get back to a size 10-12 so it looks ridiculous! I'm waiting for someone to ask me when it's due. I'm having to go up on trouser size to dress around my belly much like maternity wear! Gah.

Anyone else get sciatica or restless legs? I'm think the RLS is thanks to the meds but it's bbbbaaaadddd. I can't sleep all night and my legs are all sore from constant moving and stretching to combat it. I also get nighttime leg cramps ....

Anyway, I'm waffling. I'm just worried that when they open me up theydont find anything.... Nothing has showed on the scans as yet.

Hope you're all keeping well.



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Really sorry for the cancellation.

When I was told my excision surgery was put back by 2 months, I cried for a months, so I can understand your feeling.

Love your picture! xx


Thanks it's something that I'm paranoid about. Feel like I'm making it up some days!! Xx


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