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New member, some concerns after lap.


Hello! New member, thought I would join up to hopefully have some conversation with people who understand the endometriosis process.

Short backstory,

I am 26. For some years I have been told I have IBS, been prescribed Ibs meds for so long, none helped, went on special diet and had colonoscopy and endoscopy with nothing found, eventually I was referred to an endometriosis specialist whom agreed with me that my symptoms sounded typical with endo. 2 days ago I had my diagnostic lap. Endo was found and the surgeon removed it. Not been given any follow up info or what happens from here? Any advice there? As I know the endo can grow back and I hope to have children in the future.

How long does it typically take to recover? I am feeling very weak and tired but everytime I have a sleep I have terrible nightmares.

I have had 1 lap before for my appendix removal, and the belly button still looked relatively normal, I changed my dressings today after a shower and the belly button looks terrible. Looks like it has turned into an 'outie' with tissues protruding from the belly button and still very much wet with blood ( had to attend doc yesterday as it wouldn't stop bleeding, even the doc exclaimed "what have they done" just wondering if my belly button will return to normal appearance? I will attach a photo and anyone who has had a lap, any advice on recovery and follow up would be appreciated. And also because of the strange sight of the belly button cut, what would I have to look out for in the instance of an infection? And how soon would an infection arrive if it was to happen. Many thanks!

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Hi there, firstly I'm pleased to hear that you have finally got some answers it can be a very long tiring process. In regards to the recovery time I would say everyone is difffernt. I began to feel a bit better after about week 2/3 but I had 4 weeks off work and once I was back at work it was still hard but I just ploughed through. I would suggest just taking all the time your body needs everyone's healing is such a personal thing. I remember my surgery absolutely wiping me out so get plenty of rest you really do need it. As for your belly button I can't give you any advice as I didn't even look at mine for two weeks cause I'm so sqemish (massive baby!) I had my parter clean and change the dressings until I was ready to see it but it looks all ok now :) but if you are worried get it checked to put you at some ease.

In regards to what's next I would imagine you would have some sort of follow up perhaps with your gyno for further treatment again if you are worried call in with your gp a letter should have been sent to them at least and perhaps they can give you some advice as to what's next for you.

All the best in your recovery x

Thanks you for replying! I'm a bit worried as I'm hoping to go back to work on Monday 13th, op was on Thursday the 2nd. Is that not enough time? Does your belly button wound look the same as it did before the procedure? Thanks and I hope your endo journey hasn't been too stressful!

It's honestly how you feel, everyone recovers in their own way. If you feel well enough, my surgeon signed me off for two weeks then my GP signed me off for another two. But I didn't have a overly great recovery it really did floor me and my pain was and still is hard to to manage. My belly button looks great now, it looks exactly as it did before I'm six weeks post op. I wouldn't know if that's the case for everyone so don't be alarmed if yours isn't I can only compare it to mine. My endo journey has been one hell of a ride! It took 7 years for someone to listen to me, but unfortunately I couldn't have anything removed on my first lap because the surgeon wasn't skilled enough. But I do have an answer I wasn't going mad all along. It's a bitter sweet moment I think. How is your belly button looking now? And how are you feeling? X


I had my lap two weeks ago and it was quite red and swollen for a good few days but now it is totally fine. I would say keep an eye on it, keep in clean and if doesn't start to look better or gets worse after a couple of days I would see the nurse just to get them to check it out. Better to be safe than sorry : ) x

Thanks! Are you back at work? I'm not sure how much recovery time I need im hoping to be back at work on Monday, that would be a week and 4 days after procedure. Hope your recovery is going well and that you got the answers you needed!

Hey. I think it's entirely related to how you feel. Trust your own body and if you don't feel up to it then take a bit longer. I took one week off but I sit at a desk and can get up to walk around when I need to. Plus I don't drive so it was easier for me. I think when you can walk without pain and sitting down doesn't cause a lot of discomfort then you are probably OK to go back :-)

How is it looking now?

I have asked hospital to send me out a report as not 100% sure what they did aside from drain the cyst. He might have removed some but I'm not sure!

I have my own business working by myself in domestic cleaning it's very fast paced with slot of manual work so I don't think I will manage to go back to work on Monday but I'm remaining hopeful. I'm surprised they didn't come to your bed and tell you what they did, maybe it's not the same in all hospitals. The doctor came to my bed, told me there was endo and showed me photos of my internal organs with the endo present before they removed it, I was clear on what they found but not clear on what happens now, I don't know if I will receive a follow up letter. Hope you get all of the answers you need soon!

I'd leave it a bit longer if t's a job that demanding. Last thing you want to do is hurt yourself. Maybe just try one day and see how you go.

The doctor did come and talk to me but I was still out of it after the anesthetic. He said it was on my stomach and there was a lot of it but can't remember if he said he removed any!

Good luck with going back to work :-)

Thank you, oh I know how you feel the whole day was foggy for me as I chose for the nurse to give me sedatives an hour or so before the op. So can't even remember going to theatre or being in recovery. ( scared of general anaesthetic so that's why I got sedation first ) I'm surprised I remember what the doctor told me but my discharge notes helped to clear up any confusion. I hope you get the answers you are looking for! Can be an anxious time waiting for these things

Hi dear first of all happy that u got sorted. But I think plz go back to d hospital first thing tomorrow and get it checked by ur surgeon team . They are d best people . And I wouldn't wait too much or else it'll set and would need another surgery .

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