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Awaiting gynaecologist appointment!

Can't help but sit here wondering what will happen at my first gynaecologist appointment- which I'm waiting to get in the post! Can't help thinking oh they'll just tell me to go on the pill to stop my periods and symptoms, but surely the gp that has referred me could have just done that?!

Hate not knowing what's going to happen!

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Hi, I had already had a scan at my Gp request which found a cyst at my first appointment I was sent for bloods and a follow up scan, went back 3 months later and they decided to do surgery signed the consent forms and was booked for surgery 3 months later was diagnosed with endometriosis and started on zoledex for 6 Months just been back this week and been put on pill indefinitely, I don't think they will just fob you off with pills they will want to investigate and confirm what's wrong. You have got over the hard bit by getting the Gp to refer you, consultant will investigate but don't expect a diagnosis on first appointment it's taken 18 months from my referral from Gp to get to where I am now. Good luck I hope you get sorted x


Thank you, my gp has been brilliant, I was in tears with pelvic pain the first time I saw him and he straight away referred he for a scan, that only showed fibroids, he's had my blood tested and referred me, he mentioned referring me the first time I saw him. I say to people that I'd like to know for definite before I'm given pills to mask it. I'm glad you think they will investigate me! X


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