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Still waiting for Referral Appointment

Hi everyone,

I feel so frustrated! I am still waiting for my referral appointment with the specialist. My GP agreed to refer me to a specialist at the end of June and I have still heard nothing! I have checked with the GP receptionists who confirmed that the referral has gone through (and was very snappy with it telling me you can't expect anything within 4 weeks!) It's now been 6 weeks and I am in soo much pain at work today, even my prescription painkillers are not helping! How long did everyone else's referrals take?

I was so elated when my GP finally agreed to refer me and that something would finally happen but now I'm in this limbo land just suffering and waiting.

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I think mine took a couple of months. I've realised I'm in a slow/overloaded NHS area where everything takes weeks or months. It is quite confusing waiting and not knowing if you've somehow got lost in the system - then you feel guilty asking because they act like it's unreasonable to ask... Like a diva or something!

If you know where you've been referred to, you could call the hospital and ask to be put through to the gynaecology department or endometriosis clinic (depending upon what/who you've been referred to) and ask them about it. At least then you'd know. If you actually have the consultant's name you could call the hospital switchboard and ask to be put through to the consultant's secretary and ask him or her.

I just called my hospital yesterday to chase a scan date. I was surprised I did get a call back first thing this morning. Was supposed to be booked within 4 weeks as am due back to see consultant within 6 (and he needs the report by then). So you know what, they've booked it for exactly 4 weeks from the date the consultant requested it (and tried to blame him saying he specified that day - I saw him do it, and he did not!)... Talk about cutting it fine. I honestly thought they'd forgotten me as the scan is next Thursday and I won't get the letter until a few days before.

Good luck with getting your date.



Thanks for the reply Mabes, to be honest I don't even know what department I have been referred to, I was just happy to be referred after pleading for 14 months!! I am guessing I am in a slow NHS area as well just wish it would hurry up and I could be 'fixed'!


Do you know what hospital you have been referred to? If so, call them on their switchboard/general number and explain you are chasing up a referral (they should be able to find you via postcode and surname or NHS number). At a guess you've probably referred to gynaecology (mine started out as general gynaecology and once I was diagnosed it morphed into appointments at the endometriosis clinic as there are both at the hospital I attend).

Otherwise, call your GP surgery and ask where you've been referred to. Then call the hospital and ask. I find if you are in the computer system of the hospital they can usually at least tell you something or pass you onto the correct person/department.


Hi there. I'm in the same boat as you. I had a referral put through by my Gynae consultant to see the colorectal surgeon on 1st June and still not yet had an appointment letter sent. I called the outpatients appointments line at the hospital after 6 weeks to check they'd got the referral and they had but said that there's a waiting list to get an appointment. They said it wouldn't be too much longer as a was a 'soon' priority but 5 weeks later I still haven't received one. It gets so tiring waiting for appointments and constantly having to chase things up.

I'm not sure what hospital you're at but try calling outpatients appointment department if they have one. I don't honestly know how they expect us to live with pain like this for so long but I guess it's that we have such an overstretched NHS.

Good luck. X

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A 'soon' is waiting so long! That's bad. Soon to me would be a month. Routine would be within 2 months or something.

I find it is hard to plan anything as you never know when these appointments/scans/operations will be. It's as if life goes on hold and the wheels are turning very slowly. I feel bad for my family as it impacts them too.

I really hope you get your appointment within the next few days Froggy. It seems ridiculous as even if you get it, it probably will mean waiting a couple more weeks. :-(


Hi, to be referred to a specialist in endometriosis I was on a waiting list for 6 months just to let you know. This is in Chester. There is one and he does one day a month clinic... hope yours come through soon.



I waited 4 months between GP referral and gynae consultant appointment. I was then put on the waiting list for a laparoscopy and was told it would be another 3 months for that.

I also had similar conversations with GP secretaries - I ended up just bypassing them and asking for a telephone appointment with GP.

Everyone around me (family and friends) all kept saying 'those that shout the loudest get things quicker' (unfortunately I think this can be true).

Although making a fuss and constant phone calls isn't me, I kept going back to the GP, made phone calls to appointment lines and the consultant secretary and have been given a cancellation for 18th August..

It's not a great situation but keep going back to the GP and make those phone calls...

Good luck!


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