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Referral to Gynaecologist

Hey there!!

I’m only 17 and although not been diagnosed with endo, my GP suspects it so I was referred to the nearest hospital to see a gynaecologist. After ages and ages of waiting, I’ve only got another week to wait until my appointment. I’m hoping she will be willing to book me for a lap so I can hopefully get diagnosed however I was just wondering whether any of you guys could help me with your experience as to whether there is anything I really must ask the gynaecologist or anything that I really should tell her!!!

Look forward to reading your responses and thank you for reading my post!!

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Hi there,

Have a note with all your symptoms, length of cycles as well as your menstrual flow so the doctor can paint a picture. Only way it can be diagnosed is via laparoscopy so be prepared for surgery if it is offered to you. They may also suggest trying the pill first to see if this helps with your pain and periods before going down the surgical route. Have someone with you for emotional support too. They will also ask how don your periods affect your life? How bad is the pain at it’s worst? And what pain relief you take to battle the pain. Be prepared with your answers. I hope this helps and good luck with your appointment.

Also if your assigned gynaecologist does not specialise in endometriosis ask for a referral to some one who does. X

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Thank you so much for the reply!!! I will be sure to write down about my periods and cycles so I’ve got all that knowledge clear and straight in my head. I am currently on the pill for the pain but still in massive amounts of pain. Thank you so much for the advice I wasn’t really sure what to expect so this helps so much lovely, it really means a lot that you helped me out! Thank you very much!!

She doesn’t specialise in endometriosis but I’ve been doing some research on those who do so will be sure to ask for a referral! Do you (or anybody) know of any websites with reviews of these specialists, I’d like to hear stories of the endo specialists before I ask to be referred to them but I know that you’re not meant to mention specific doctors on this forum (I think)!!! Thanks again! X


Hey, because we are a young age (I’m 19) a lap tends to be last resort. They will mostly likely try a lot of different contraceptive pills and painkillers, if you haven’t already tried that.

Just make a pain diary and write down when you get pain and the severity of it etc.

I’m waiting for a lap after 2 years of going gynaes (I saw 7 in total) and doctors. Only because it’s affecting my professional sports career and I’ve tried everything. Plus I think I have a lot of cysts that are bursting the last few days.

Good luck at your appointment and if you need any advice or help, I’m always here ❤️ xxx

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Hey honey!!! It’s kinda annoying, I don’t particularly wantttt surgery but if it would take my pain away I’d do it tomorrow!!! I literally know I will cry(tbf I’m emotional 24/7 rn) if they just tell me to take more pills, I’ve tried so many and honestly it’s only been a couple months but it’s CONSTANT pain. I’m unsure whether that’s usual for endo (which is why I’m a little worried they may tell me it’s not endo at all) but I am constantly in pain and with my A-Levels as well, it’s hell! I can’t relax and recover because I’m constantly stressed about working but I can’t actually revise and be in class 100% because my minds always thinking about the pain! I don’t know how women go on like this for years, I’m very proud of you all, you’re truly role models but it’s so horrible, nobody deserves this! I’m so sorry to hear it’s affecting your sports career, that’s so awful! I feel so deflated and heartbroken because I have such a passion for travelling and film making so after I finish a-levels, I planned on travelling round the world making films and now im so worried I’ll just end up bed ridden or best case scenario, just recovering, and all my hopes and aspirations are out the window! I hope that you get your lap soon and it all goes successfully!

Thank you so much for the reply lovely, it really does mean the world to me! I’m always here for you too! 💕


I know how annoying it is. I’ve been told so many shit excuses like “you’re too fat” when I’m only a size 10 😂 and it’s just normal pains but you’re in the group who get it bad.

It’s affected my life so much like I can’t be intimate with my boyfriend as sex hurts, I can’t go out much or have to plan around my period and ovulation which is different every month. My best friend thinks I’m lying to get out of things.

I don’t really want surgery either I’m already petrified and don’t even have a date yet haha. Since it’s my first surgery and I’m scared of how much damage I might have or not have.

I wouldn’t wish all this on my nemesis haha xx


I totally get it!!! I got told it was normal to be in this much pain with periods and then that I was too young to have endometriosis!!

I’m so sorry honey!!! I totally understand how much it affects your life, I’ve just become a social recluse since this all started. I used to go to the gym at least 4 times a week and I can barely go at all now, I don’t spend any time with my friends, I don’t even have the energy to text people I’m in so much pain! I understand and empathise honey, I know it doesn’t make a difference to the pain you’re in but you’re not alone with this.

I’m sorry lovely, I’m sure that your doctors will be amazing and catering and helpful. I totally get that, I know some women have to keep going back for second and third and fourth laps and I’m worried that I’ll have to do that all throughout my young life which seems just so horrible I don’t want to do that.

I’m sure everything will be okay lovely! I’m here if you ever need to chat!

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