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discharged from gynaecologist!

I have been discharged from my gynaecologist as my endo is apparently cured! My second laparoscopy showed no endo or adhesions. But I am still have pain on intercourse, to the point where I cannot have sex often enough to conceive a baby. I am tired and have shooting pains in all places throughout the month. I haven’t had a period for eight months due to taking the pill back to back. They have washed their hands of me and told me to go to my doctor to be treated for IBS. I have been backwards and forwards to the hospital for the last ten months for nothing.

I am at a total loss now, I am back on the same path as I was eight years ago. A diagnosis of IBS is poor they just leave you with some terrible liquids to swallow three times a day and say eat more fibre. It has never helped me, can’t imagine that it will help now.

I hope that no one has gone through this, but if you have please could you tell me how you got through it? What tests can be done, and is it really worth it in the end xx

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i am sorry to hear that but i have to reject your gynaecologist and they are wrong and if i were you get a second opinion... if you are still in pain and that is Endo... if you have pain where you have intercourse and that is pouch of douglas pain as i have that... so please go back to the GP and say to them that you want a second opinion ok and let us know alright xx it will be worth it in the end as you have been like this for last 8 years and please do not suffer another ok xx


Thanks tinker241. I was so upset yesterday. So that the hospital could meet their target of seeing post op patients before ten weeks, I was put into the fertility clinic. I walked in and was asked ' so for how long have you been trying for a baby?' I was very cross and upset. She had not read my notes, she didn’t even know that I had an operation. She said pregnancy would cure it for a bit, I nearly swung for her! I said how can I try for a baby if it hurts too much? Her response was seeing if I can grin and bear it three times a week!

I have an appointment at a different hospital now but I have to wait another two months to see him. But it is with an endo specialist clinic. Sorry to rant.. storing it up for weeks and weeks. I will write again when I have some news. Thanks again and I hope you are getting the right help xx


That was exactlly what happened to me four years ago, and made me highly reticent about going back (also my gynae telling me I'd be sorted if I had babies....my kids were 15 & 11 at the time durr!!!!). However my symptoms have been so bad over the past six months I had no option but allow myself to be referred back to the hospital, I said I wouldn't see the previous doc and for once they listened!!! I saw a different gynae consultant early in June and told her everything including my lack of faith in the medical staff due to previous experience and she listened!!! The result is more surgery (next Monday) and a deep apology...I know how hard it is to stand up and be heard but find the strength and hopefully you will find a doctor that finally listens xx


Hi love,

I am so sorry that you have been put through so much. I would definitely ask for a second opnion as I think the way you have been treated is disturbing. Doctors are far to quick to pass it off as IBS when they "think" that they have cured you.

As for the pain during sex, Im with you there, and fully understand how it can have such an impact on you. And as for the pregnancy thing, a load of codswollop! I have 2 boys but have been pregnant 4 times but my pain got worse after each pregnancy. But I know that some women have had ease with pain after pregnancy so I personally think it is just lucky genes to be honest.

I really hope that you manage to get a second opinion and that you manage to sort out the fertility side out as well. Please let me know how everything goes, and you have all us ladies here to help you through any difficulties and worries xxxx


Thanks limbiloo83, I will keep you updated. I am trying to work up the courage to make a doctors appointment and start investigating IBS just so I can show them it is not that. It has really helped me to have the support of others who feel the same. I hope you are well xxx


Hi, I have has a very similar experience.For the past 3 years I Have been having painfull intercourse, did have permanent bleeding ( now nothing at all for 3 months) severe abdo pain with shooting pains etc, i had a laparoscopy a year ago and was told all was normal, was discharged from the clinic still having the same symptoms. I went back to my gp after a stint in hospital due to extremely severe abdo pain (ultasound was normal), was sent back to the gyne team and was seen by a different gyne Dr who told me that my previous surgery showed scarring from old endo ( was not told this earlier!! was told all was normal) he also showed me images from the surgery which clearly showed the scarring, in the meantime all bleeding has stopped which was a concern to me but they thought that was great!! ( 1 extreme to another!!) now my gyne Dr says it is current endo and has started me on monthly prostap injections and HRT. Have you tried these injections and did they work if you did?

Sorry for the boring long story :) xx


Also I have got 3 children and this started after I had them, so personally I wouldnt say having babies will cure it forever.


Been back to doctor and she won't investigate IBS. She thinks that there is no point. I have to wait until i get a second opinion before she will do anything else. I am so frustrated, it has taken over a year for no answers only more damn questions. I will have to pay to go private now as I can't wait until October for a second opinion. My doctor really didn't understand how long it has been and the distress it is causing me. She basically said that all that will really happen is pain meds and counciling. I am goign crazy with the waiting for answers. I know that i am in a much better position than many other women, but I still feel like my life is on hold. I am going now to have a big cry and shout loudly about how crap i feel, so that my partner can see me more composed later.


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