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Ladies who've had scans at BSCE centres

What did yours show? I had a TV ultrasound at a specialist endo centre last tuesday (unfortunately they cancelled my appt with the doc so I only had the scan and saw the nurses). They found 4 large nodules - left adnexae, right uterosacral ligament, right adnexae, plus one on the recto sigmoid colon which is about the size of a golf ball. They also found fibroids and adenomyosis plus everything is stuck together on the right hand side. The doc who did the scan said the large nodule on the bowel is potentially very problematic.

What did other people have on their scans? I just want to get an idea of quite how extensive my disease is.

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It sounds pretty extensive, but as long as you are being seen at a bsge specialist centre then you are in good hands,

I wish you luck and a speady appointment date for the operation, xxx


Hiya, are you meant to have scans as part of the diagnostics at a bsge centre?


I had a tvs done prior to seeing the consultant for the first time and also saw the nurse at the same time. It was was done by a radiology consultant instead of a sonographer at non bsge centres. I recently had a second one prior to my 1st lap at the bsge centre xx


I never had any scan before any of my laps and I was at a bsge centre - I'm feeling quite angry and upset as if I had a scan of my womb before the hysterectomy I may not have had the hysterectomy😭 xx


Sorry to hear that. Not sure if it would have made a difference but I had a few scans and an Mri at the Mon bsge centre too pre and post diagnosis so assumed it's part of the diagnostic work up. Having said that I have not had an mri at the bsge centre and I have been under them for 2 years now x


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