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Treatment for endometriomas?


I wonder if anyone can help me I am 42 years old, 12 years ago after a misscarriage I had a scan and an endometrioma was found I had a lap to remove it and also the endometriosis that was found at the time. Then I was lucky enough to have my son who is now 9, in the last couple of years I have had some pain which has got worse so I went to my GP and was refered to Gynea who sent me for a scan, which showed 3 possible endometriomas on my left ovary all 3-4cm and a possible entometrioma on my right ovary 5-6cm. I have to wait now to see my Gynea again does anyone have any idea of what he might suggest for treatment? Thank you for reading this!

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Hello Poppy. Im 43 and 2yrs ago i had a 7x5cm endometrioma cyst on my left ovary. To cut a long story short i had my left ovary and fallopian tube removed. Sorry if this is daunting other ladies may have had other experiences. Best of luck.xxJ


Surgery is the best option as you don't know how old they are and how old the blood is that's inside them. Some cysts can be drained and shrunk, which is fine if it's just one and easily accessable, and fairly recent but you have at least 3, and all are decent size for surgery.

A lap op is probaably enough to have them all removed and get your ovaries tidied up if you still want to keep them.

Last op, one of my ovaries was rather meshed up inside an endometrioma and I had it, the ovary and the endometrioma and the fallopian tube took out.

There was an 8cm endometrioma attached to the other ovary and this was drained and removed and the ovary cleaned up and adhesions cut away..

But the ovary was saved, which is the important bit, and 16 months after the op, last November it developed a cyst which exploded, and has since regrown. I can feel it.

I have no idea if that is an endometrioma or anything else, because I am STILL waiting to hear from the hosp for an appointment for a scan. 5 months just for a scan Arghhhhhhh.


Thanks for you reply jalo69 I did wonder if they take the ovaries out if you have finished with them so to speak! The waiting is the worst part I think Impatient I hope you get your scan soon and get think sorted. Thanks again for the replies ladies x


my doc said if you are under 50 yrs of age they prefer to keep one ovary in place if at all possible as it gives you a lot more protection from osteoperosis, heart disease and other debilitating conditions. If you lose both then it's HRT.

If you have finished with them and can afford to let one go, then that halves the chance of more cysts, which is a bonus. However it didn't stop my one remaining one from growing a cyst.

I was on zoladex and had kind of hoped it would shut down and stay shut down, but no such luck it sprang back to life as soon as it could. Blast the thing.


its a catch 22 isnt it? My experiences seem to be 'have you finished having your family?' Yes,well lets take it out!! Ive been coping fine with one ovary but of course it doesnt stop the endominx doing her job. So taking it out can lesson it and taking them both away may stop it but theres the chance it may not!! Thats a chance im going to take. eek! 15TH May is the day,im done with endo and i wont let it return. If it does then im coming back as a man.......but i have read that some rare cases men have had it too..be just my luck. Minx is a Jinx!! :/ Xj


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