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I just want to nap!


I'm 25 and diagnosed last August (2015) after laparoscopy, but have had pain since December and most days take ibuprofen and paracetemol, probably more than advised! 15 minutes of exercise tends to lead to the need for hours of sleep! I'm in pain most days and exhausted. I've changed contraceptives to try and control pain and irregular bleeding, to no avail. I've seen so many doctors but never get a definite answer about my next steps. I don't want children and I'm just feeling so lost and deflated and fed up and tearful! Has anyone found the best way to cope with the exhaustion and deep aches? I'm close to going back to GP but don't know what good it will do :(

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Sorry ive not found a way but i wanted to let you know your not alone. I find it such a struggle to put one foot infront of the other. I fight my way through work everyday, get home and cry with exhaustion. The aching muscles are the worst as well! I take hot baths, try to meditate and relax but i still feel like all my limbs and joints ache. Like ive run a marathon...wish i had to be fair! X


I feel better knowing I'm not the only one! When I was first diagnosed before laparoscopy the left side hurt so much, now it's the right! Like each ovary is trying to cause me as much discomfort as possible! Little wotsits. Bath is a good plan, going to have one tonight. Thanks so much for replying, I felt silly joining and sharing but you've eased my fears


Honestly whenever you get a symptom that annoys you or worries you post it on here. These ladies are amazing and we should all support eachother. Lets be honest we dont get much from doctors or professionals. I hope you feel better hun. Anytime you need a chat im all ears!! X


ditto!! Thanks so much. I live away from home and partner (for next 2 weeks anyway and finally get to move back home to comfort and normal GP) so I feel really good knowing I have this now! I hope you have a peaceful evening x


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