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TENS machine - AMAZING!

Woke up in real pain this morning - I've avoided painkillers because the main source of my pain is my twisted bowel - painkillers make the constipation worse and so consequently cancel out their effectiveness.

This morning on the way to work I was about to concede. Was planning a box of solpadine and a bottle of lactolose... glam - go on girl - treat yourself(!) When I went to the pain medication shelf I was there was a TENS machine on offer. It wasn't cheap £48 (they're on offer with 20% off at the moment - usually £60) - but I thought - "people use that in childbirth"... so... I bought it (got loads of Boots points). Anyway - I've had is on all morning and it's bloody amazing... this could be the best money I have ever spent! I can walk around with it on and it's really comforting!

I feel like I've literally come out of a fog - hadn't realised just how much pain I was in... I've been deteriorating for so long - I was utterly desperate on Monday. Just wanted to quit - my job mainly - but really my life. Thank heaven for a - my amazing partner - who is fairly new and really didn't sign up for this and for forums like this.

I urge you - if you have similar issues to me with painkillers to look into this TENS thing.

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I totally agree. I got my TENS machine from Boots about two months ago and I can actually get out of bed etc now. I still feel the dull ache of it being there but I don't feel the actual pain which is amazing since I've been constantly hurting every day for so long now.

I don't find painkillers work at all anymore and if they do then its tramadol which I don't really want to have to take all the time. It makes me so giddy which defeats the point then coz I want to be able to do stuff!

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Hi I got one off amazon for £16 and extra small pads. It doesn't do much for me as my pain is very deep but at that price its worth a try. Glad something works for you.


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