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Urgently need advice

I have no idea what to do..

I am currently awaiting my second lap. I had my specialist appointment last month and havnt heard anything yet. I have been trying to continue working (im a community nurse). On Thursday I thought I was going to faint or throw up and my heart rate was going crazy due to the pain. It passed and I continued working. Yesterday I started getting stabbing breast pain along with my abdominal pain. It gets to the point that I cannot sit in a chair, stand or walk. I have to lay down. I was in agony. I contacted my GP who advised I go to A&E. I didn't think this was appropriate. I got my parents to bring me home from work, I layed down for an hour with hot water bottle and heat pads and the pain reduced. However when I moved it still unbearable and I am still getting pain when I lay down. The GP said it could be a burst endometriosis cyst ? I don't know if I should go to hospital or not. Last time I went to a&e before my endo diagnosis I was treated like a teenager making up stomach pain. I don't want to waste there time or money. I equally don't want to go back to my GP on Monday and say i ignored their advice. I also don't think I can stay in the pain I'm in much longer. But I don't know what they will do. Sorry for the essay.

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go to a&e


Definitely follow their advice and go to A&E, you're GP has obviously advised you to do it for a reason :)

Best wishes


If your GP has advised A&E that's what I would do X


omg i am in the same boat!!! i went a and e last thursday but they just sent me home with painkillers. my stomach is getting bigger and bigger im in constant pain. they don't seem to care. or way to busy so just tell everyone to come back another day. i need a help line i'm scared. is it okay if my stomach is getting bigger and bigger will it explode. i'm so scared :(


Go to A&E! This sounds like exactly what happened to me and it was a ruptured cyst. I'm glad I went to A&E because I ended up developing an infection and because I was in hospital it was dealt with promptly.


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