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Need some positive pregnancy stories!

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So me and my partner have been TTC for nearly a year due to my endometriosis getting worse and worse - and shortly after my referral for investigation on my Fallopian tubes, we found out I was pregnant!

Around 4.5 weeks according to the doctor.

I have been signed off work for 2 weeks due to me being a veterinary nurse where the work is very stressful and I'm at risk of inhaling anaesthetic gases.

However instead of allowing myself to get excited, I am petrified. I have miscarried before without knowing I was pregnant and I am just waiting to miscarry again, I've been having bad cramps since before I found out but luckily no bleeding yet. I just know I'm not in the safer zone until 12 weeks and I don't know how I'm going to cope feeling so on edge for the next 8 weeks :(

Would love to hear some positive stories from anyone out there!

Really need some understanding as I no no one with this condition who knows how difficult pregnancy can be.


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Hi, congratulations! Fingers crossed for you!

I'm afraid I can't help, as not TTC yet. But I'm also a veterinary nurse, I'm 27 with stage 3 endo, we didn't want to start TTC until I was in my mid 30s, but my endo is getting worse, I get pain daily, so will start trying in October instead now!

Fingers crossed for u' & make sure you don't get pressured to do stuff at work!... I know what the industry's like!xxx

Hi, thank you!

Yes my boss is already putting pressure on me to come back! I'm just so focused on keeping relaxed I can't see myself going back full time until after 12 weeks (fingers crossed I get there!)

Best of luck to you and your partner when you start TTC! My endo is late stage 4 and I never thought I would be able to naturally! So there is plenty of hope for you :) xx

Firstly, congratulations! I used to work as a practice manager for a veterinary practice and also worked as a nurse as part of my ridiculously stressful role! About 6 months after my diagnosis age 31 I was under so much stress and on provera that l ended up being signed off for over 6 months, never to return due to us wanting to Ttc and with the stress and dangers of my job I knew this could prove impossible!

I did conceive but had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks but 3 months later we conceived again and 2 weeks ago had a very emotional first scan! I'm nearly 15 weeks now and so far doing well. I have been told so many times how common miscarriages are which really didn't help but more often your first pregnancy. My midwife told me that since my surgery and a miscarriage, my body's all fresh and new and ready to carry this little one! I was incredibly anxious and still am but surprisingly your 12 weeks comes quite quickly. I do understand how you are feeling and perhaps we can help each other! I wish you lots of luck and keep me posted. I hope I have been able to offer you some reassurance. X

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points94 in reply to Jakey26

Hi thank you for your reply!

And congratulations on your pregnancy!

Your words have definitely helped. It's hard as I have my boss and my family telling me 'everything will be fine' and to be positive, and as much as I'm trying to be, at the back of my head I am preparing myself for the worse!

I guess the best thing about being pregnant is that at least I know now that I can conceive!

It must have been terrible for you going through a miscarriage at 12 weeks? That would be my biggest fear!

I really hope this time everything goes perfect for you! :)


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Jakey26 in reply to points94

Hi again, sorry for the delay and thank you for taking the time to reply. I am glad I have been able to help, it's great that you have a strong support network and it's not such a bad thing to prepare yourself and remain cautious, that way-everything will be a bonus! Do try not to get worked up and anxious-easier said than done, I know.

Exactly-for endo sufferers, this is the main issue but don't be too hard on yourself, you could be holding a little bundle in a few months or so time!

It was absolutely devastating and admittedly I struggled to cope but knew my body had rejected baby for a reason, even now, although I'm expecting again, I am dreading my due date next month and still hate seeing heavily pregnant women!! Silly I know, but I would've nearly been there by now!

Thank you-I hope everything goes well for you too :-) xx

I have stage 4 endo and my little boy is now 3 months old. I had a lot of cramping to start with but I think that was him snuggling in. He was an IVF pregnancy but that makes no difference once you are pregnant. I felt quite anxious too but with IVF you have an early viability scan at 8 weeks to see a heartbeat and once you've seen the heartbeat, apparently the risk of miscarriage drops substantially. Doesn't totally remove it but the odds are good after that. You can have a private scan at many places from about 8 weeks for just this reason. If you can afford to, maybe this would be something to think about. It costs about £80. I think. Good luck and congrats! Xx

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points94 in reply to Batfoss

Hi thank you for your reply!

I was told by a friend yesterday about the private scans so I looked in to it and says I will be eligible for one at 7 weeks. That is definitely something I am going to be looking at if all is still well in a couple of weeks!

Congratulations on your successful pregnancy :) I hope mine follows the same way x

Congratulations! My little boy will be 2 in just less than a week and I remember the stress and worry so well (it doesn't end when they are here either!) my boy was an IVF pregnancy but it doesn't make a different after that positive really

I had lots of period type cramps for the first 12 weeks at least and then of an on until I reached about 20 weeks as everything stretched and baby grew. I was reassured it was totally normal especially at the beginning. I did also have spotting too and was seen several times but again it's so common and although frightening it doesn't mean anything bad all the time

I must say it helped me that I was so closely monitored from early on (scans at 6,8 done with my ivf clinic and 10 and 12 weeks with the nhs) could you possible book yourself an early scan? Around 8 weeks and you should see a heart beat too, it may help shorten the wait until your 12 week scan to ease your anxiety. Same between 12 and the next scan the weight seems to take so long , 2 weeks was bad enough for me and there is always a relief when you see them on screen

Anyway all sounds normal from my experience, good luck and enjoy some time resting x

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points94 in reply to Shellfinboo

Thank you for your reply!

Yes I think I will definitely be booking an early scan! Some people are saying not to as if we see something to be concerned about then I will be worrying more but I think I need to know a bit more about what's going on purely to try and ease the stress I'm having!

Praying and hoping my pregnancy is successful like yours was :) congratulations on your little boy x

Hi there , Iong story short , When I became sexual active everything was great no problems, after 6-12 months pain during sex got increasingly worse , after a year of that i began to get bad cramping they sent me for a scan when I explained after suffering for so long and had since gotten married and I was four weeks pregnant! I was in so much shock i began to cry (with happiness :) ) although gps told me I couldn't have Endo because I still had pain during pregnancy , but in January I found out I did infact have endo and it was excised, my little boy is now 16m old. I concieved with endo, and I had a lot of cramping low down particularly on my left side , this could of been due to my endo , and the embryo emplanting into the uterus , it's quite common I have been told especially in women with endo. Goodluck with everything :) and try not to worry too much x

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Thank you for your reply! Definitely puts me at ease :) congratulations on your little boy! X

Hi Points94

I know it is hard, but do keep your thoughts positive. Your thoughts have a massive impact on your body and how it functions. Focus as much as you can on the things that give you lots of happiness and visualise baby. Making that connection will send your body and baby lots of happy energy and also happy hormones.


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