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Gyn appointment in October 31

I switched gynocologists, and now my appointment with this one, not even a endometriosis specialist isn't till October 31 and I'm on no birth control, have no treatment plan, haven't had a laproscopy and I don't know what I'm going to do being that this appointment is 4 months away. This is an appointment just to meet with the gyn not to get tests or the lap done.

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Should I ask for a referral to another doctor? Or should I go to planned parenthood because the pain is getting worse and the symptoms.


Hey. I would call your referrals clerk at your GP surgery and explain this to her then ask her to ask your GP if he/she will write an expedite letter to your consultant. You will need to give the referrals clerk the name of your consultant for this to happen and a few of your worsening symptoms so the GP can put it in the letter. That should hopefully bring the appointment forward. X


He isn't a surgeon just a general gyn so idk why I'm waiting so long


I think if this gynaecologist has no clue about endometriosis I think u should go back to your doctor and ask for a referral to endometriosis specialist centre and that is bsge accredited u can go on the bsge website to find out if there is one near to were u live cause if u get a lap done by general gynaecology they tend to miss areas that Endo can grow I wish you the best of luck and hope you get the outcome you hope for xcc

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She won't refer me till the initial lap... Which idk if this gyn will do


keep my fingers crossed for u hope all goes well for you xc


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