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Pain in old scar

Good morning ladie . Need some advice. Four years ago i was diagnosed with endometriosis. Within months of my diagnosis i had a subtotal hysterectomy - ovaries, tubes and cervix still in tact. Since having the op the pain hadn't really subsided. But it was livable.

Around 6 months ago the pain in my right side began getting sure. I was constantly bloated, pain in my trail bone, back and groin. I was peeing like i was pregnant and would get full up very quickly. I had an ultrasound scan on 31st may which came back normal. I was convinced something was seriously wrong so i was relieved when scan ok. However, on 22nd June i was in so much pain i ended up in a&e. Everything happened so fast but basically a gyny did another ultrasound and found i had an abscess in my tube and a mass on my ovary. I was rushed down to theatre but because of my previous surgeries i had to have vertical open surgery. I had a salpingo-oopherectomy and wash out.

Surgery was only 10 days ago so im not expecting miracles. However, the pain in my right side directly underneath an old appendix scar is absolutely horrific. I've never experienced anything like it. I've had a csection, laproscopic hysterectomy and appendectomy and was walking around at least a week post surgery. This one though is horrendous. Is the pain under my scar normal? I am really struggling at the minute. A biopsy was also taken in my stomach lining above where the ovary would have been. Stressing at the minute and sorry about the long message.

Sara x

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Dont know if this helps but I have experienced pain from scar tissue & it was linked to endo.

Ive had 2 emergency c sections, 1 went very wrong & I was seriously infected, my scar tissues can hurt me both inside & out. In fact I can feel like Im rupturing it just by coughing sometimes! We are talking years later :(

When I had a lap to repair a ruptured ovary, I was told I was riddled with endo on scar tissue internally, having that lap gave me more too.

Go back to Dr if worried & all the best x



Thank you. He didn't mention seeing any endo. Just the abscess and the mass. I will be getting my biopsy results soon so will mention it to him the . Getting really frustrated now. Even my my clothes slightly touching the old scar and im literally in tears. Nightmare :( thanks for suggestion i will ask doc xx


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