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Hi! After a bit of advice, I am very new to all this> I am waiting for my 1st lap, but my Gynae thinks I definitely have endo, so do I . Normally after my period finishes I have anything up to a week of feeling good, more energy, no bloating, etc. But this month I am so so bloated, incredibly tired all the time, finding it very hard to do anything at all & very sore stomach, sorry if TMI but either diahorrea or constipation, felt like this for the last 4 days , since my period ended. Is it just the endo getting worse, it has seemed to accelerate the last 6 months, or could it be I have switched to soya milk from almond, also have been trying to eat mainly a vegan diet with the odd bit of chicken or beef. Any advice would be great. I am 45 and have an active 4 year old to look after, really feeling guilty that I can barely get off the sofa.

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Soy can cause estrogen levels to go higher in some people, estrogen can feed endo, if I drink soy I plunge into a period, get a migraine, and my pain is excruciating.

However if you still want to drink it certain food like mushrooms can help you so the photoestins aren't produced.

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Was up since 1 am this morning with severe stomach pain, don't know what is wrong, is it the endo? Quite gassy, very bloated and just in so much pain constantly, my lower stomach area and around my bottom, couldn't even take my son to school, wish I could have this lap sooner, have been told it won't be before May (and thats with being on the cancellation list) Is it worth ringing them up will Iget seen any sooner?


Hello, I hope you're feeling better today :)

I have very similar symptoms after my period ends, 4-5 days I am in agony... but when you say stomach pains... is it really your stomach area that hurts or is the pelvis area? I have severe burning like pains in the lower pelvis. Stomach hurts too but I belive that's related to the anti inflammatories I take. The pelvic pain and bloating normally wakes me up at night.. like early hours of the morning and it's very strong.

Thank you and please keep in touch.


It could be, but you coud also have an intolerance if your gassy, could you maybe have a food allergy test?

Likewise constipation can cause bloating and gassiness too. How far are you in your cycle?

I got constipated the week before my period.

I like to wear heating pads on my back and tummy if I get constipated or bloated.

Peppermint tea with a tsp of ginger, honey, and cinnamon can clear you out to and take down the bloating and has anti-inflammatory effects. Just be near a toilet b/c it makes you pee too.


Found out it was my change of diet, decided to go vegan to try &help the endo,just went a bit far & apparently was eating way too much fibre, was a hellish few days, could barely walk at one stage! I always do have to make sure I am near a toilet, pee constantly all the time.Thanks for your help x


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