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Having a camera look into my bladder anyone else had this 🥺 I’m scared

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Ho Ladies,

I hope you’re all keeping well. After having my ovaries removed because of endometriosis now they have found out I don’t fully empty my bladder so having a procedure next week without any pain relief and awake. I am very scared about this has anyone on here had the same procedure my anxiety 😥 is building as the day gets closer. Any help would be greatly appreciated Xx

17 Replies
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Hi! I had this a few months ago and went really well from my personal experience, I believe they applied a local anaesthetic, and the whole thing took maximum 10mins! Good luck with it xx

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Bubbles198007 in reply to Patricia2022

That's great you had a good experience, I want loads of local anaesthetic then lol xx

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Hi,I had this procedure done a few times awake, it feels no different to a vaginal ultrasound, but stingy afterwards.

I have a condition called fowlers syndrome which means I don't fully empty my bladder and is a known co-morbitity to PCO/Endo.

Your anxiety is a normal response, and it sounds easier said than done and its not to patronise you, but the more you tense up with fear the more likely it'll hurt... Explain to the dr beforehand how nervous you are about it, they may prescribe you a muscle relaxant and if you have access to your own pain relief take it beforehand!

Best of luck, hope all goes well x

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Bubbles198007 in reply to Kirsty360

Thank you for your advice I have the same thing where i can't empty my bladder fully. I can still wee but its not a complete empty which is annoying because i really don't want to self catheter its scare me and I would probably faint like a did in 2019 when they said to give it a go!. I will ask the dr for something to help as i am a wimp haha X

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Kirsty360 in reply to Bubbles198007

You are from a wimp Bubbles, you're battling endo, you are a warrior 💪🏻Self catheterising isn't the most pleasant of options, I have to do it now and again as I will go into retention and can hold about 2.5 litres which is really painful, that then begins the cycle of constant UTIs too! Endo has a knock on effect to so many other illness' that drs don't consider/factor in!

If music helps you, take a spotify playlist in with you, as it was awake they offered me the option.

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Bubbles198007 in reply to Kirsty360

aww thank you Kirsty for your reply ya we are warriors endometriosis sucks and it’s so complicated I have the adnemysoios as well sorry I can’t spell it let alone say it properly. I did try self catheterisation in 2019 and I couldn’t do it it was so painful and I would get a rush of anxiety then feel faint. They put me on antibiotics to take 1 at nighttime. But since having my ovaries removed I think my bladder doesn’t want to do its job anymore. That’s a brilliant idea to take music in I might play lady gaga 😉 xx

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Kirsty360 in reply to Bubbles198007

Absolute warriors, our body is already battling a tremendous fight, the last thing we need is to psychologically injure ourselves more with our thoughts 🤗 be kind to yourself and know you're doing your best in the rubbish circumstances! What more than a bit of Gaga to get you through, love it... Think I had country on! Anything for a distraction, poppet toy, a favourite jumper with a perfume on you like... Anything that will reduce your anxiety...best of luck 🙏🏻

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I had this a month ago, I was also very anxious about it. It doesn’t last long and really isn’t too bad. I did end up with a terrible UTI afterwards though, that lasted 3 weeks. The procedure itself really isn’t too bad. Try not to panic. You’ve got this!! x

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Bubbles198007 in reply to Ge0rgie51

Oh well done it sounds like it wasn't too bad then. I hope mine goes smoothly as well I am just so sensitive downstairs and don't want a UTI along side with the chronic pains lol X

Circe3 profile image

I have had this done and I am very squeamish but I got through it.

They use local numbing anaesthetic, so maybe ask for a high dose of that and let them know how you are feeling. I had a brief moment of slight pain and then it was fine for the rest of the procedure.

The stinging when peeing afterwards was a problem for me and you have to drink loads of water. My trick was to hold a warm cloth to that area while urinating or I got in a warm bath. Obviously was yourself and cloth after. It went away after a day so I would make sure you have that day off.

I hope this was helpful! You we fine :)

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I had this done a few years ago (can’t remember what for) I too was anxious, it was a bit uncomfortable going in but as others have said it’s very quick. Try not to worry as it might make it more difficult.

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Bubbles198007 in reply to 2013mayo

Thanks for your reply, Ya I need to try and relax Hospitals make me nervous anyway xx

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I have had it done four times, 3 times under general (endo lap, tumour removal and kidney stone removal) once under local to remove stent. It will take about ten minutes. You will be given local. Its ok. Drink lots of water afterwards xxx

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Hi, had this a couple of years ago too, it wasn't comfortable and I felt a slight burning afterwards but it didn't hurt too much and after an hour or so the burning sensation in my urethra went away. They do put some numbing gel on your vulva before and after.

I would take some painkillers an hour before you go in and maybe have a day on the sofa afterwards!

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I had this done twice, once under general and once without. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and was over so fast. I asked to watch the camera on the screen as that gave me something else to focus on. Good luck.

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I am squeamish i don't think i could look at the camera, Thank you for your reply i just hope it isn't painful x

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Ive also had this, it is uncomfortable during but take some painkillers beforehand. I was also really worried but it was completely manageable. it does sting for a while afterwards, it hurt in my urethra for a few days. I used heat to help!

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