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Hysterectomy side effects

Hi ladies i need some advice.

I had a full hysterectomy last sept after been dignoised with stage 4 endometrioses

I am one if the lucky ones i feel as i didnt wait to long to be pain free again.

I am feeling fantastic and will never look back but i have lost my mojo. My partner has been very supportive throughout all my treatments and recoverys but i am not on his wave length sexually. I really feel nothing sexual. Is there anything i can have to help me feel normal again. I am inly 40 and due to be married in august. I am mussing feeling arroused and having sexual feelings for him. He fully understands but i dont and want it to all come back. Any advice ladies x

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Are you taking HRT?


Yes thats helping with the night sweats x



Are you taking testosterone as part of your HRT? There is evidence that it helps. I have oestrogen implants, testosterone gel and progesterone tablets which makes me feel normal!


No just the hrt. X


Hi, it may be worth checking what hormones you are taking as I understand it HRT is the term for hormone replacement therapy and it can cover different hormones at different doses. I know by adding the testosterone your libido can be improved. Maybe chat to the GP or specialist


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