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I think I have endometriosis but it only seems to occur when I am stressed!?!?

Hi. I have had heavy, painful periods that lasted 10 days since they first started when I was 13 (I am now 21). When I was 19, I met my first boyfriend and found sex very painful. I went to the doctors, explained this and the other period symptoms and they suggested endo. I was going to have a laparoscopy which was cancelled on the day due to surgeon illness. Since then I have had a very tender tummy when on my period but only if I have recently been stressed (e.g. exams, exam results etc). I have looked on the NHS website and have 4 of the symptoms but have never had pain when weeing or pooing and even these symptoms don't occur all the time.

I am reluctant to go back for the laparoscopy as it caused me so much stress I was really ill for weeks beforehand, couldn't sleep etc. Obviously if things get worse I'll have to but I'm delaying for as long as i can.

At the moment I have a really tender tummy. It hurts to turn, move too quickly, lift things and I'm not sure why?!?!

I have tried every pill in the book and have finally settled on Yasmin which I take 3 packs in a row of (doctors orders) and then have a week break. I have been on yasmin since january 2015. I also find having regular sex helps with the heaviness of the period and the pain too (not sure why). I had a miscarriage in january this year and since then my periods have been a lot better, less painful and less blood.

Basically my question is, could I have endo when I dont get it all the time or is it another condition making me feel like this? Is this beginning of endo and will it get worse? Anyone else experienced this?

Thank you and I hope someone can help me as I am really confused!!


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I should also mention that when I get a bad 'episode' I have extreme pain. I have almost called ambulances before. My tummy goes rock hard and feel so sick! I then start rolling up into a ball and look like i'm in labour. I breathe like im in labour. Its really odd. It lasts for about 10-20 mins then stops. Tummy feels tender and I feel exhausted so chill for the rest of the day. I have quite a healthy diet (although I do like a treat lol), dont drink or smoke, exercise a lot (walk 3 miles to work and have an active job) and am a healthy weight



I dont bleed or get pain between periods either. Sorry I keep adding bits on lol xx


Hi, endo symtoms can vary, some woman will have very little symtoms and others will have loads of them. I have severe endometriosis and my main symtoms were back pain and pelvic pain but never had pain during sex or going to the toilet and my periods weren't heavy. Every woman is different. Laparoscopy is the only way to diagnose and treat endo. Taking the pill will only masks the symtoms but will not cure it. I was on the pill and symptomless for 15 years, it was only when I came off the pill to try to conceive that I discovered that I had endo everywhere . I know having an operation can be really scary but at least you will be able to get a diagnosis and appropriate treatment. You are the only one that can decide what is best for you but don't let fear put you off. If you decide to go ahead with the operation , try to get referred to a specialist centre. X


Hi there,

Endo can 'flare up' whenever you're stressed as being stressed releases excess cortisol which interferes with your immune function ie. Causing autoimmune disease, infections etc. etc.

So it's perfectly understandable that your pain is worse around exam/surgery time. It can also fluctuate due to the dominance of either oestrogen of progesterone through your menstrual cycle. Even what you eat can exacerbate things - eg. Red meat and eggs have animal oestrogens that when ingested can make endo worse.

Oddly I have found from time to time, particularly when I was younger, that endo was better when having regular six too, though now it is the reverse.

Sometimes adhesions form from endo, they can bind organs and tissue in your abdomen together, this is obviously painful and could explain your pain when moving about.

I know how awful it is when surgery is cancelled at short notice. You are so geared up for it and it is very emotionally stressful; then to have it cancelled can be devastating. I empathise with you so much, however if you have endo it's really worth it to get a diagnosis and have treatment. You will have a much better way of handling things if you can get diagnosed and see a specialist consultant and their team.

Here is a good resource for more info.


Best of luck xx

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i am just really scared :-( hate being sick and wasnt informed that this would happen until i spoke to someone on the day. I've had ops before and the anaesthetic just made me tired. Has anyone else been sick ( I'm not normally a sicky person. i havent been sick in 9 years) after the op? i know its not much in the grand scheme of things but the thought of it is freaking me out so much! its the only thing thats stopping me now. thanks for the advice xx


This is almost exactly the situation I'm in at the moment. It's really scary and uncertain and I can understand why you haven't been feeling well, I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you...but I've spoken to my family and I think I'm going to have the laparoscopy. I really hope you feel like you make a good decision too and that you're feeling better soon xx


Same. Just really scared about being sick afterwards but from the sounds of things, vomiting isn't common. Will be better in the long run. Here if you ever need a chat. It's horrible not knowing why you feel ill but hopefully we will do soon xx


Hey Emilina,

I know exactly how you feel, I'd had bowel prep and was in my gown whenever they told me my last surgery was going to be delayed for a few months. It isn't fair and is really difficult to deal with.

You still deserve answers, I felt so much better just knowing what was wrong with me. Having the diagnosis has helped me to manage the condition better and on a side note I've received much more support academically/socially now people have a label for why I'm sometimes ill.

You can feel a bit dodgy after the op with the anaesthetic - normally it just makes me tired and emotional for a number of weeks but the surgery itself will do that. I wouldn't worry about getting a bit nauseous they have all kinds of magical pills in hospital to help deal with that if it occurs. They will want to make you as comfortable and pain free as possible so you can recover quicker. I wouldn't worry about it, living with an untreated disease would be worse chick.

Good luck xx


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