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What happens after zoladex

Hi ladies

I’ve just started zoladex. I’m on my second injection. I’m on 1 a month for 3 months and then another 3 but every 3 months so 6 all together. Nothing has been discussed about what happens next apart from I go in October to see my gynaecologist. Can anyone give me a likely senario as I’m a bit clueless. I definitely have endo as had a diagnostic lap. Thank you xxxx

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Anyone 😢 lol

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Sally, I’m really sorry I can’t help. I’m also on Zoladex, as the Decapeptyl I was originally prescribed is not available in the country I have just moved to. Unlike you I am having these monthly injections for a year - I have marked “ what now?” In the calendar for next August when I have my last injection. I will probably go back to the uk to see a specialist then and hope that I have reached a natural menopause by then (I have just turned 51 and was only diagnosed when a laparoscopy for a swollen Fallopian tube turned into open surgery and a colorectal surgeon was brought in). I too would like to hear from anyone about what happens when the course of injections stops.

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Thank you for replying I hope you get answers too xxx

Hi Sally,

I had Zoladex, once a month for 4 months, before excision surgery. My surgeon said it was to shrink the size of the endometriosis tissue to make it easier to perform the surgery.

Did they discuss having another surgery after your diagnostic lap? Perhaps you could ask your GP what is likely to happen, or see if you can get in touch with your gynaecologist via your GP. October is a long wait!

I hope you get some answers soon. x

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Thanks for replying and no they never said and I should of asked. My wombs folded in half so I don’t know whether they want to investigate that further before making a decision. Could kick myself for not asking. I’ll ring up after the new year xxx

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