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Life after zoladex!!

Hi ladies!

I have been on zoladex implant for 2 months now and am having my last injection in a few weeks!

I am just worried about what happens after zoladex treatment? What I will experience etc? I have a month gap with no treatment before I see my gyne again! Don't want to be in pain again!! Especially over Christmas!

Just wondering if you could give me advice or stories about life after zoladex!!

Thanks xxx

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Zoladex doesn't stop working just because you don't get the next dose.

The traces remain in the body up to 4 months per monthly injection, so for 12 weeks after your next dose is due if you had had it, you must continue practising safe sex with condoms as you don't want to accidentally fall pregnant while the drug residue is floating round the body.

Just because the drug is stopped does not give you any indication about when the pituitary gland will wake up and start manufacturing hormones again - it can take many months - even a year or more for that to happen. On average ovulation restarts about 6 months after the stopping of GnRH treatment.

Half of women will restart periods quicker and half will take longer.

endo pains will not return till the endo is active and bleeding again, which happens when your 1st period occurs. There is only a very small chance your body will get back in to full hormone production as soon as it possibly can giving you a period 1 month after stopping the drug - most ladies get a few months grace before the return of the endo activity.

Odds are you won't be back in trouble at Christmas, but will have a bit longer to get over the drug side effects before the endo issues re-occur. No 100% guarantee of that - but for most ladies they do have to wait a bit longer than just 4 weeks. Some on the forum waited over a year before periods returned.

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I came off zolodex in september and I have only just started my period now. I was on it for three months. In the past i have been on zolodex for 12months, this took about 5 months to leave my system.

Hope this helps, and hopefully you will have a great christmas without endo pain.


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this is interesting as I had lap and ablation last year - ablation worst mistake. I am now 3 1/2 months po from full hysterectomy everything removed and my endo spec perm adom as uterus stuck to bladder with endo (why did the general gyno not see this) as previous 6 m zoledex and 3 - 4 months break before op earlier than thought periods never returned still had pain / return to theatre after 2 days to be returned due to compl / 2 transfusions a rough ride but starting to get there good luck xx


I think I recall being pain free and bleeding free for about six months in total after the injections.


Thank you ladies for your replies makes me feel better! Hope your endo troubles stay at bay over Christmas xxx


I was on zoladex for 6 months, got my last injection in august, had my first period last week. A certain amount of the pain has returned, but some pain didnt leave.

Suppose everyone will be different.


I'm the same I had my last zoladex last week and wondering what's next on the agenda tbh :/ I'm dreading the pains coming back but through my 6 month course the pain relief only seemed to work the 2nd month 5th and this one so far. I had a bleed in the 3rd and 4th month and in the first month the pain was worse than ever at the start! Xxx


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