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Zoladex experience before hysterectomy

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Has anyone taken zoladex? If so I would be grateful if you can share your experience. I have had my first injection 3 weeks ago and due the next one next week to be taken along side HRT. As I am fairly young the consultant said they would like to make sure that HRT works with my system before my hysterectomy hopefully early next year.

Any help would be appreciated :)

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Hi there I'm 26 and have endo for 12 years diagnosed 4 year ago I've gone from pills to coils to injections zoladex (zoladex gave me about a week and a half out of a month free of pain) and prostap and still in a lot of pain doctor has gave me morphine. I've asked numerous of times for a hysterectomy and been refused. I was just wondering if you have a tilted womb or anything more then just endo or if you just have a more understanding Dr/gynea/specialist then I have xx

I've had similar drugs - a 5 month course with HRT addback and a 3 month course without, and then a hysterectomy+BSO earlier this year.

When I had it with HRT I continued to have periods and pain and it was stopped a week after the 5th injection when I had a really bad flare up of pain and ended up in A&E. When I had it without HRT I didn't have bleeding but continued to have pain. In my experience this idea that a good result with prostap indicates a good outcome from a hysterectomy isn't quite as clear cut as it suggests as I have so far had a good outcome from my hyst and am pain free (woohoo!) despite the prostap not working for me but I did have a very thorough excision of all the endo tissue at a bsge centre.

I did find that the consultant put a lot of effort into making sure that I understood how important it is to take HRT and that they wouldn't do the surgery if I was unwilling to take it, as I was only 39 when I had it done.

Thanks ladies,

I have endo and have had it from a teen and have adenmyosis (I think that's how you spell it) so I have had laparoscopy etc after my daughters birth and everything was stuck together it was horrific pain, constant infections and I was totally unable to go to the toilet etc but within 6 months even with a coil I end up needing surgery again...I have 2 children and one step son so with three monkeys and the pain and trying to work it's just too much. A lot of endo was found particularly on cervix my ovaries and my tubes during laparoscopy, I was desperate for my now 7 month old so we had the last surgery, they removed as much as possible and we're advised to crack on! Thankfully I was able to conceive and now he's a bouncing crawling little bean. I made it very clear to them (after having cervical cells twice lasered too) that I did not want the hassle anymore. I have 3 children, was very lucky to have my son, I would probably not be able to have anymore children and to be honest the pregnancy was unbearable and it's just taking over my life with the pain, constant worrying about cells on cervix etc I just want everything out. My family has a history of exactly the same my mum ended up with huge fibroids and suffered for years so I've asked them to take everything out. They agreed last month and have since started me on the zoladex. It's not too bad, I've had quite a few hot flushes and I was pretty pain free for two weeks, now in the third week I'm bleeding extremely heavy and been in agony for the first couple of days this week. It's started to settle but the bleeding has continued and to be honest I feel totally exhausted now. I was just a bit dubious about the next two injections, what to expect with the HRT etc as I don't know anyone that has had a course of zoladex before. I'm 28...so yes they have been very cautious about agreeing to do the hysterectomy but as there's not a great chance of my carrying a child again and with the cells etc I think they have had to agree it's for the best. I need my life back to an extent!

Thank you for your replies x

What is a BSO please x

bilateral salpingoophorectomy - removal of fallopian tubes and ovaries. It's considered to be a separate procedure to the hysterectomy (which is just the removal of the uterus). Basically they took everything apart from my vagina.

Hi there I’m in a similar situation to you, I’ve had endometriosis for 10 years now. I’ve had it lasered off twice, had the hormone coil fitted and tried different contraceptive pills. I’m now at the stage where as off next week will be having the injection for 4 months to close down my ovaries and HRT, then after this I will be having a hysterectomy. I’m feeling nervous as I’m only 32 but needs must. So I know how you must be feeling 🙂

I had my first injection yesterday and will be taking HRT. How were the first few weeks for you? Anyone? How did periods and your body change?

Hi there

I had 2 injections of zolodax as I'm due to have a full hysterectomy soon found I heavely bled the whole 8 weeks without any let up gynaecologist said to stop injections also made me very moody which isn't like me.

Boobs hurt and seemed to make my edemetriosis worse I have it everywhere including my bowels.

How do you feel?

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