Guaranteed interview scheme because of endo?

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice.

I am currently applying for jobs, and was wondering if any of you in the UK have (or would) applied to the 'guaranteed interview scheme' because of your endometriosis? My pain and fatigue affect my life significantly on a daily basis, but still not sure whether this would be enough to justify it. The scheme's definition is here if it's helpful:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts/ experiences.


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Hi Claire

I haven't as yet but told by two separate recruitment consultants and an occupational health advisor that I am entitled to tick that box due to my endo. You need to also tick box stating you have a disability which endo is classed as in this situation.

You can only tick the guaranteed interview box if you match the essential skills for the job.

Good luck

Thank you! This is helpful :) Much appreciated x

Good luck? What are you applying for? X

Thanks. I'm applying for a researcher post in TV. Keep everything crossed for me :)

Good luck!

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