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Can you get fired because of endo?

I've had a kidney infection and had two rounds of antobiotics, on my 2nd round now and when I called in work my boss said I wasn't allowed back until I could go to the toilet like a normal member of staff and that weeing every half an hour obviously isn't normal! He said we could re evaluate it next month after the op (in 4 weeks) how am I supposed to pay my bills?! I don't know about you ladies but even without a kidney infection the endo when I have a flare up makes me wes constantly! I'm so frustrated and probably going to lose another job because of endo! Can you get fired for this? Is it legal?

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Hi. Do you have a Drs sick note? And do your work pay sick pay? I'm not sure if they can fire you if you have a Drs certificate? (I hope not as I've been off for nearly 2 months now and just been told Dr doesn't think it's connected to my endo but I'm not so sure) x


I don't no the law, but just wanted to say ring citizens advice, I lost my job due to absence but I was on a six month probation and as soon as I told them I would be having an operation, so would need 2 weeks off they gave me my months notice, I've now got a sick note for 2 weeks due to go back next week till Friday, but I'm going to docs to get another note,

Citizen advice will also be able to help with numbers for benifits if your not being paid sick pay.

Good luck

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The wee situation is so frustrating. I constantly need to go. I had a surgery 3 weeks ago - a large cyst drained and other stuff. Found I have stage 4 etc.

no one seems to understand how always wanting to pee and feeling full of pee can get you so down

I feel your pain.


What a pig of a boss. See what you can find out from your contract and citizens advice.

I had a similar issue after having a stent fitted prior to an op. I had to see a nurse and the advice was, do you actually need to go? See if you can hang on a bit longer each time. I had to basically re-train my bladder to get used to holding more. If its painful then that's different, but if not maybe try that.


this NHS link might help too



Thanks so much for the advice ladies, I really appreciate the support, it's just terrible that bosses don't seem to understand the condition and when you try to inform

Them they don't want to know! It's too painful to hold on I find that if I hold me wee in too long it burns as if I have a UTI so I've decided to go back in and just wee whenever I need to and stand up for myself! After having a chat with citizens advice if he does fire me I can do something about it. Especially as he makes comments like "nice of you to join us" whenever I come back from the loo in front of my entire team!

I'm nervously awaiting tomorrow but glad that I'm not the only one who has dealt with these issues! Thanks again ladies and hope you've all had a lovely pain free weekend!



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