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unemployed because of endo

well yesterday i had my meeting with hr.

we came to a mutual agreement that i would leave and when im feeling better and had done what needs doing ill call them up and they will find a position for me.

didnt think id cry leaving, but ive made some good friends who were all supportive.

on a different note, the meds i was given for the pain are giving me the side effect of paresthesia, which is my whole body having pins and needles and going into a cramp where i cant move. its scary thats for sure if in the middle of the night it takes you by surprise.

starting to get fed up of this now, as i know everyone with endo is, its disturbing my life beyond anything that i could ever comprehend.

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I'm sorry to hear that for your job.

You mention about the painkillers and the side effects. You need to find a solution and live without them.

I have deep endo wrapped with nerves the worst type of endo pain that even if I'm pregnant wont go away. But I have been following the endo diet almost 100% and all I need now for the pain is hot pad when I'm in bed.yes I have good days and bad days but I refuse to take any painkillers that are opium based and give such side effects.

It is worth considering it and get yourself back and eventually your job back. I'm still full time at work. It's hard and draining but we can do it cause we are strong :)

Jo x


thank you Jo, im trying to follow the diet waiting for the books to arrive so i can do it 100% im hoping that the new gynae will look into where and how bad the endo is so that we can move forward.


I may be stating the obvious but make sure you get this in writing, and that you are happy with what is written because once you've agreed to go you need a concrete way back. If they start saying things like 'when you are 100% fit' or 'when the endometriosis has gone' obviously thats not going to happen so you need to make sure you are happy with the agreement before you go. Good luck, if you want some further advice I'm happy to advise.


Thank you it is in writing made sure of that the whole meeting was recorded, so i know when im feeling fit and healthier than i am now that i will be able to start work again.


Great, good luck with it all.


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