Is there a point?!

Today I feel like I've been hit in my right side with a bat, and I'm bleeding (and I don't have a uterus anymore) and I cannot find any reason for the bleeding (I don't think I have haemorrhoids, that I know of). Last year during my hysterectomy they spent about 2.5 hours dissecting my colon from itself and other organs and the only thing I can think is maybe something is going wrong there again because of all this blood?

Am I the only one who really can't see the point of actually living with this condition? I am not finding any reasonable answer to the question of why I should carry on.

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  • Hey,

    I can give you a reason.

    Because we need you.

    We all need you..and each other.

    I have read some of your responses to other people in need and you help them.

    Thats why we are here to impart our experiences in the hope we may help someone.

    That bleeding i dont think is endo this time.

    I want you to get it seen to promptly and let us know the outcome.

    You can do this mate,and you will.

    How do we do it?

    One foot in front of the other thats how we are going to do it.

    Dont give up,cause we are not giving up on you.

    Rose xx

  • My fecking GP doesn't give a shit. I told him I want an ultrasound a couple of days ago, he says I'm jumpin g the gun. I feel so done.

  • Moxy films,

    I think you should go and get this checked ASAP!

    Do not give up! We all have times where we see no light at the end of the tunnel but there is always light.

    You need to concentrate on yourself now hunni,

    We are all here for you!

    You are amazing! I remember how you helped me last year when I was having struggles with my boyfriend, we had a really good talk and you told me things about your life, you are great to talk to!

    It is not worth ending your life beautiful, you've too much to lose, how is your partner with you? Is he supporting you?

    Feel free to message me hunni, I'm always here xxx

  • Thank you all x

  • Rose that is beautiful! ♡

  • Hi there really really sorry to hear you are feeling this way . Can you visit your local a & e for someone to have a look for you ? This condition is horrible but there is help out there . You may feel alone but we are all here together to support you . We don't want you to feel alone and you are not X I will be thinking of you and do come back and let us know what they have said at A & E. You sound low as well so maybe see if you can speak to another doctor at the surgery . Stay strong xxxxxx

  • I'm bleeding so heavily out of my back passage, and my right side is on fire, but that's been going on for some time. But the bleeding is new. I don't know what to do, a&e only do your blood obs, tell you everything is normal and send you home. I've spent too many days of my life in there for no reason. I can't do this ffs I just can't!

  • I hear you I have been A&E far to many times !!!! But this is different you say it fresh and your right side us in fire . Can you call 111 this is NHS FREE 24 hour help line and see what they say . Please do that now xxxxxxx

  • Thank you for suggesting this. Just called and it's not available in NI. Says call your GP, who doesn't give two monkeys about me to begin with.

    I'm going to lay down and try to relax because I'm too bloody upset over feeling shit and worried about this going on forever. I don't really know what else to do.

    Thank you all for being there for me. I'm not going anywhere and I'm not trying to be melodramatic or attention seeking but I just really truly can't see the point right now and I feel a little devastated. I'm sorry x

  • Your gp is dead wrong this time.

    This is a hospital job this time mate.

    I know you dont want to go through this again,i know you dont want to put your family through it again.

    But you must think of them and what it wld do to them if you dont move on it .

    This has been coming on over the last few days more.

    You must tackle it head on

    Rose xx

  • Its different this time its from the rear they wont dismiss that mate.

    Have a shower,get your thoughts together.its better to know.

    You have more control over your body when you make the decisions.

    Dont leave it because you dont want someone else making those decisions for you.

    Pop up to the hospital

    Rose xx

  • I have to agree with what everyone has said. You need to go to A and E. It sucks, it really does, its just anther thing on top of everything else. I understand that. But you have to get this checked out. It might be a case of intravenous antibiotics and then you're fine, you never know. But don't leave it please xx

  • Molly, what is the follow up situation with the US surgeon? Have you contacted them about it and can they not put some clout behind the need for you to be seen? x

  • I'm at a&e waiting now. I don't have contact with the surgeon largely because I'm outside his coverage area for good now, and I have all the notes and even the video of the surgery if they care to see it but to date it hasn't really made a lick of difference!

  • Just been to triage nurse who looked at me and said, "but you said everything's been taken out right? Go have a seat and someone will do your bloods and a doctor will see you later."


  • But you're bleeding from your back passage. . . wtf has that got to do with having everything taken out. . Hopefully a doctor will have a bit more sense than the triage nurse. Get the bloods done and then tell the doctor everything. Be strong. Be firm with them. Don't leave A and E unless you're happy you've been assessed properly. Ask for second opionion if you don't agree with the first doctors assessment.

  • If it is your bum that is bleeding then I'm not sure what she means by that. Bright red blood usually doesn't indicate anything serious Molly. It's the old, dark stuff that is most worrying. Have you checked that you don't have a fissure - they can really gush blood when you have a poo and then can stop in an instant when your bum contracts back. And they can be painless. I don't know if it happens with a poo or all the time since it started. I assume (hope) they will now thoroughly examine your bum and if it's still bleeding for no obvious cause such as a fissure or pile they'll have to refer you to colorectal. Keep us updated. xx

  • Its 1130 pm for me in australia guys.

    I dont know how long they might take over there to see you,but ill stay up for as long as i can.

    If someone cld let me know the outcome,that wld be appreciated.


  • Go sleep x

    I'll be fine.

    Thank you x

  • What a rude nurse its coming from your rear you still have a bowel!

    Larry had a good point cld be an infection.

    Dont take any crap mate.

    You shld tell her while she is keeping that spot warm,theres plenty of others that wld like her job!

    Useless as pockets on a singlet that nurse lol

  • To all you brave endo warriors I am moved by yours reasons to keep going. Like Moxyfilms today I feel likee giving up. I want to hide under the duvet and bring on sleep so I don't have to face reality. Like lots of you I face more surgery despite a full hysto in 2000. I am potentially going to spend over 20k to have the topman, Mr T, under take full excision. Do I feel worth it? No, I'm so scared why do I think so little if me? I can't get my head round more surgery am so scared.

  • Oh Hun I'm so sorry your feeling this way. I'm new to this site and some of the support and advise I've seen written shows how much of a loving caring community and (family in a way) that the women on this site have become!

    And from what I've read it's sounds like you've really been there for others and I can see how much the women on here want to be there for u! So please try to stay strong, I know its hard. But u do have people that care about u.

    You really do need to get seen as soon as poss! And I'd be sure to see a different doctor, there's nothing worse than not being able to have trust and understanding from a professional that's supposed to do just that!

    I really hope u feel better soon and just remember u have many friends on here that care, seem to understand and want to help.

    X :)

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