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Period 6 days late but still in pain?

Hi everyone!

So as some of you may know from my previous posts I have been ttc for some months, and my period is 6 days late this month!

I want to believe this is a promising sign but I'm still suffering with my pains every single day and they make me want to buckle over!

I've felt nausea for some days now but with my pains I can't be sure whether this is endo or pregnancy related. On my first day of my late period I did a pregnancy test which was negative...so I'm struggling to understand what this could all mean! Did I do the test too early or is my endo messing up my cycle?

Also feel extra pressure as my procedure at the pain clinic has been brought forwards to only two weeks away, were I'll be getting anesthetic injected into my muscles to potentially give me pain relief...but if I'm potentially pregnant I'm concerned it's not a good idea to do!

Thanks guys!

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Hello Kerry,

How is it goin? Hope all is well now.

I am in the same situation of yours now. Please, if you don't mind could share what happened next?



Hi there thanks for getting in touch and I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a hard time.

Unfortunately I was not pregnant, following a visit to the emergency room who confirmed this for me. But I have had my procedure which has definitely made some difference to the extremity of my pain, although it still is there but seemingly deeper inside, so the anaesthetic must have been successful in numbing the muscles closer to the surface of my skin .

I asked to be referred back to my endo specialist and I went very prepared with a spreadsheet of my irregular bleeds, recording length of time I bled and how many days since the last bleed. As expected they said that my periods are very irregular but unfortunately they think I am not ovulating, putting a damper on trying for a baby. So starting yesterday I am undergoing various tests to find out whether I am and just whats happening with my body.

Definitely take a pregnancy test if you're concerned you may be pregnant, and regardless of the result make an appointment with your gp to talk about your concerns, plus you can always continue chatting to me!

Hope this helps! x


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