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Period pain after finishing Zoladex but no period

Hi Zoladex veterans out there. I was just wanting some feedback or advice. My last Zolly injection was 5 Nov. So I guess it's been 2 months since my last injection. I'm experiencing really bad pelvic and ovary pains (like really bad period pains) but no bleed is happening! The pain is worse than I have ever experienced before the laparoscopy and the 5 months of Zoladex. I'm bloated too. I feel like something is wrong in my pelvic area, or worse than ever before all my treatments!

Did anyone else experience these bad period pains without getting the bleed?

I couldn't even celebrate NYE last night because I was lying down in pain most of the night ):

PS Happy New Year x

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It took quite a few months for my period to come back but I have a mirena coil so hardly bleed now (compared to bleeding all over people's furniture before!)

Had a fair bit of pain as zoladex wore off, effectively turning back on all those troublesome hormones.

Now familiar old pains back on right side and a new one in my bottom but not at same level of pain as before all the time. More intermittent. Feel better soon, happy new year xx

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I'm sorry you feel this bad especially at this time of year! I'm

Afraid to say I was exactly the same, I have stage 4 endo and the surgery I had lasted about a week and went onto 6 months zoladex and then within 2 weeks of stopping I had massive pain and the lesions were all back again! More surgery and now have merena coil in (5 years now)

and started on depot provera which is I would say about a third as effective as the zoladex but makes things a little more comfortable! I think the period pain is the endo as I don't bleed any more but its very similar x I hope you feel better soon xx


Thanks ladies for your replies x

It's interesting that you are both now on the mirena coil. Did that help you with the pain or just mainly the excessive bleeding? How were the side effects?

For me I never had an issue with excessive bleeding. Just pain. And I am already susceptible to anxiety and depression so I don't think I'd be a good candidate for the Provera or Mirena. I'm going to try a naturopath now who claims to have had great results for endo. Fingers crossed!

I'm just feeling really rotten at the moment. I don't know whether I'm Arthur or Martha at the moment! Or where my hormones are at .... whether they are back to normal which could be causing all the pelvic and ovary pain, or whether they aren't quite there yet and I'm getting withdrawls from the adback hrt I was given to combat the menopause symptoms as my legs are aching and the sides of my heels feel sore for some reason. I have aches and pains everywhere in my body!? I've put on weight too. I've always all my life been a slender person who has never had problem with weight. But now I have an awful dimply appearance on my upper arms now and around my tummy. Gross! :(

It was hell on Zoladex. I'm hoping this pain isn't going to be consistent and my reality instead of Zoladex.


Zero side effects of mirena for me - I forget its there. No periods and no period pains or PMT. It has been liberating.

However I still hve a cyst which grumbles from time to time, and I still have some patches of untreated endo which also get active - but everything is much more cope-able with - now I don't have half my life devoted to periods that just won't stop gushing or hurting.

Sooooo much better than zoladex - which was hell for me too.

Personally I rate the Mirena as the very best invention ever created for woman kind - but I know not everyone has the same opinion.


I've been off of zoladex for 2 months now, still no period but getting cramps starting to creep up on me, also getting pain in my left Fallopian tube where I had a cyst removed from the inside of it. Didn't have this pain during zoladex, but now finding I'm getting pains I never used to get


I also had a marina coil, but I'm assuming where I am so young and haven't had children, the coil caused me more problems than it helped :(



I finished zoladex on 17th july. I am on depo now since aug, but ive had similar pains.

Im guessing it is our ovaries re awakening. Ive had 5 days of very minimal spotting since but thats all.

Sorry not much help xxx


Thanks ladies, I hope you can give me some clarity to another freaky thing that's happening with my body since I've stopped Zoladex 2 months ago. I'm freaking out because I feel I'm getting sicker and sicker. I have severe aching bones in my feet like rheumatoid arthritis the top of my feet meeting my toes to the point where I can hardly walk. the sides of my heels are aching and I have puffy knees. A few days ago I had a severe sore lower back pain and pelvic pains. Now my bones are stiff and sore and I feel like I'm an old woman. Shooting aches and pains in my arms and legs.It feels like my body is fighting against itself like some auto immune disease and every day is a new bizarre symptom. What's going on with my body?! I'm freaking out! I feel like every day I'm getting worse and worse. Feeling miserable as I was hoping to feel more normal off Zoladex :(


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