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Switching from pill to coil for laparoscopy

Hi all, I have my second lap next Thursday and whilst I'm under they're going to insert the coil. I'm currently on the pill an today I've finished my pill break but I asked the the pre op nurse should I take my pill again before the op or leave it and she said its upto me, what do you guys think? Is it going to just add more hormones to the mix or should I take it just to cover me until the coil goes in?

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Can i ask if the pill is working for you,why you are thinking of changing?

If there is not a reason except they suggested it,i wld not do it.

I can cause irregular bleeding and spotting for quite some time.

If you go ahead you need to be prepared for that,give it a timeframe and if issues persist,get it taken out.

I would stick with the pill,as constantly looking for that string and wondering if its in place would drive me round the twist!

Kind regards.



Hi Rose, thanks for the advice!

I've been thinking about for some time as it can stop periods all together and the pill has not helped me with my endo at all.

I'm having excision and then putting the coil in place to see if this will stop my periods. I am prepared for what can happen so I will get it removed if it doesn't help me.


Hi Racheymon,

I am in the process of waiting for the mirena coil to be fitted as I have exhausted every other option - none of which helped! Currently on norethisterone which stops the constant bleeding I was experiencing but it hasn't helped with the pain and has given me terrible acne. I am dubious and anxious about getting the coil fitted as a lot of ladies appear to dislike it but I am feeling rather hemmed into a corner with it all, so thought I would give it a try.

In relation to whether to take the pill or not, I was advised by my consultant to carry on taking norethisterone for a couple of months after the coil has been fitted (maybe to try and counteract the initial bleeding/spotting many ladies talk about?). I would be tempted to phone your consultants' secretary to ask about whether you should continue the pill or not - I have contacted them myself regarding other queries in the past and found them to be rather helpful.

Hope this helps and the best of luck to you xxx


Yeah i've decided to take it to cover me until i have my lap next week. I think if there were against me taking it they'd of told me to stop it full stop. I am definitely prepared for how the coil might not work or affect me but i also know a lot of women it has worked for so fingers crossed for us all!

I'm having a bad day today i feel so sick no matter what i eat :(


I'm having the coil fitted tomorrow after my lap in November I went back to being in constant pain even though being on the pill. I've tried all of the pills they have given me and on Monday my gyne gave me 2 more on top of my cileste pill to take. He said once the coil is fitted on Friday I can stop taking all 3 pills


I hope your lap went well Shell! How did it go? Yes i have been told i can stop taking it once my coil is fitted i just wasn't sure what to do leading upto the day of my op as it's only a week away.


Hey all ok. I'm alive and kicking although extremely drugged up. You need to keep taking the pill I've been told to keep taking it for 3 more weeks


I'll make sure to double check with them then, glad all is well!


Thank you, I have tramadol at home for the pain, so make sure you have pain killers although I had a hystoscopy at the same time


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