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2nd appointment with gynecologist

Hi everyone I'm due to see my gynecologist for second time first time I seen him he was useless and I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. The first time I seen him he was really insensitive to my problem as I was originally on naproxen for the pain before I seen him and he told my GPS to take me off it and that I was only to take ibuprofen and paracetamol to deal with pain this doesn't even touch the pain. He also told me to try the pill for 3 months and he would see me then and see how it went that was 9 month ago so just a little over due. The pill well the mini pill as that's all I can take cause of migraines helped mask the some of the pain and symptoms it turned me into a nightmare to life with more then normal I am always moody angry and easily annoyed when on the pill so I come off it after the 3 month. Now my endo pain is starting to come back more then ever I don't know what to do tomorrow think if the gynecologist is as useless as the last time I might punch him lol xx

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Yes, punch him and then ask for a referral to a BSGE specialist who will be able to help you better. Or maybe ask for the referral first because he might not want to help you after you have punched him :-). Hugs, as I know how frustrating GPs and general gynaecologists can be.


I had a similar situation with a female consultant who bulldozed me and didn't take any of my pain or concerns seriously. I made a complaint about the treatment (or lack of rather) id received to the official complaints department and they moved me to a much more understanding consultant. Try that. If it worked for me it might work for you. You need someone who understands you, your symptoms and your pain. If they are as useless this time speak to someone immediately after before you leave and throw your dolls out of your pram. Being in chronic pain is not something to be swept under the carpet x

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I saw mine post op and he was really short and busy.

I wanted to discuss pill options etc after surgery and he cut me short.

Needless to say that gutted me as i had so many unanswered questions.

After i spent a few days feeling hopeless and lost,i woke up with that resolve again to get my questions answered.

Im going to get a second opinion on monday.

A good bedside manner and caring is important to me as much as surgical skill is.

You might consider a second opinion,someone you feel confident in.

Kind regards



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