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Am I wasting gynecologist's time?

Hi there, I've been suffering with pain for nearly 8 years (I'm now 23) and have just been referred to a gynecologist recently.

I used to suffer with chronic pain on the left side of my body for most of the month. Since having the coil, this has concentrated the pain to my abdomen for about 2 weeks whilst I'm on my period. My gynecologist has prescribed tranexamic acid, mefenamic acid and ibuprofen together 4 times a day which isn't helping with pain or bleeding.

During these couple of weeks, I'm in fairly constant pain, with hot flushes and dizzy spells.. Which cause irregular bowel movements and sickness. I don't tend to sleep a lot either as I get woken by the above.

My gynecologist has suggested that i continue with the prescribed tablets for another 3 months (a total of 6) then I can opt for a laparoscopy if I'd like. He didn't sound confident that this was the best course and I'm concerned that I'm wasting his time. But, on the other hand, I can't continue with this pain or taking 20+ tablets a day for 2 weeks each month...

Any comments would be greatly appreciated - thank you

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All I can say is your not wasting anyone's time hun, you need answers and to be pain free (or at least manageable!). I found just knowing why im in pain helped me deal with it. It could be a long road but dont give up. Its your life and you only get one, so dont worry about bothering them it's their job! Good luck and I hope you get answers soon x

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You need better painkillers, ibuprofen doesn't touch it in my case and mefamanic acid never seemed to do anything. Naproxen helped me very much with the pain. It lasts a long time so you can take with your breakfast and I usually find it reduces most pain throughout the day.

You need to suppress your cycle, tri cyle the pill if you find one you get on with, a mini pill or progesterone only pill. You don't have to have 12 cycles a year, thus reducing a lot of your pain.

A lap will let you know what is happening in there, have you had a scan? An external scan may pick up any cysts, an internal scan by an expert in endo may pick up more information. You need expert care, look at lindles posts about expert centres. A normal gynae is not trained in this and may miss things, give you the wrong treatment.

Best wishes, its a crappy condition and you need the best possible advice.

Star x


Thanks for replying! I've previously been on a range of anti inflammatories including naproxen and it hasn't helped.. Also been on a range of painkillers up to tramadol and they haven't relieved pain either!

I had an internal scan and they found a 3mm cyst, but they've confirmed it's no cause for concern..

Thank you for your tip about lindles post, I'll have a look.

Thanks again Star x


What have you been diagnosed with? My symptoms are quite similar to yours but with the pain predominantly on the right lower side, and coming on suddenly instead of being there for years. Have you had any scans? It sounds like you really need an ultrasound, MRI and blood tests. The hot flashes, dizziness, bowel issues and nausea is also what I have been having, and could be signs of an infection like PID, or cysts, etc - it would seem a bit strange to go straight to a surgical procedure without looking for things like that first, as it's quite invasive. I'll probably have one soon and am really not looking forward to it - but I've already had three ultrasounds and an MRI.


Thanks for your reply. I've not actually been diagnosed with anything, it's all investigatory at the moment.. I've had a few scans - mri, ct, nuclear and a few x-rays etc along with regular blood tests and they haven't found anything obvious.

They have found a 3mm cyst on my right ovary which they've said is no cause for concern..

A laparoscomy does seem a quick step, but my gynecologist said the only other option is to continue as I am and see if I deteriorate..

I'm concerned that this could eventually have more negative effects if I choose to start a family etc.. Up to now, it's like I've been passed from pillar to post in each department of the hospital!


Know the feeling of being passed around.... but It definitely doesn't sound like you're wasting anyone's time. I think your gynae actually sounds like he needs a bit of a slap in the face for making you feel that way, as it sounds like this is having a very serious effect on your life and has been for a very long time, and you've already ruled out a certain number of things with the scans.

From what I have seen, if you suspect that this is endometriosis, you have to be careful that the surgeon you see is an expert - because some of the procedures they do to remove it are better than others, and I guess you'd rather get it removed properly during the first operation than have to go back to a specialist for a second one!


Hi, I know how you feel. I am waiting for a laparoscopy hopefully this summer. I had been struggling for quite some time when enough was enough and I was my GP for the Depo injection to stop my periods, no periods = no pain it was fantastic until the injection stopped working last August. Before having the injection I was told all I could have was medenamic acid, which didn't touch me, I am now on Zapain and Oramorph (on really bad days). I was advised by a consultant to keep a pain diary so i printed out a 2016 calendar on one sheet of A4 paper and taken this to the consultant, as i felt saying "its taking over my life" just wasn't enough.

/ were the days i were in pain but i got on with it, x were the days i was in a lot of pain i had to take some medicine and then i drew a little water/blood droplet for the days i was bleeding - anyone who saw it could see a pattern starting. I don't have a diagnosis of anything but i know I shouldn't be in this much pain, something must be going on and doctors need to rule certain medical conditions in/out. Keep going and I suggest trying to keep a good pain diary!


Thank you for replying! I hope the painkillers are working for you?

I've been keeping a pain diary for about 5 months now and it really does become obvious that there's a trend. I use a mobile app called Manage My Pain Pro which is really good. You can also email reports etc from it. Although, I showed it to my gynecologist who glanced at it and said nothing else. He asked whether the pain had forced me to take days off work, and when I said no as I work from home most of the time he said he doesn't think the pain is worse enough for it to be endometriosis.. I'll see what happens in my next appointment!


No problem. The Zapain are good for about 85% of the time, the oramorph kills the pain but then makes me sleep so I only take it after work or on the weekends (unless I've had time off work). Once I'm asleep I'm out pain so it's great.

That's really bad for him to say that. I've had little time off work, I go in and grit my teeth. There are some days I can hardly walk my 0.7mile journey as its even too far to walk. My bosses have been great when pain is that bad, I tend to do office based jobs where I just sit do simple things. I hope you get somewhere - keep up with what you're doing and going to appointments, you've got this far you need to find out what's wrong :)


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