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Hi Everyone..

I haven't been on here for a while but i wanted to see how we are all doing? I'm sorry to hear some of u are having a really tough and stressful time at the moment. Keep ur pretty heads held high :*

I'm not doing too well myself..Cerelle is meant to stop my bleeding but it hasn't..been on it for 5 months now and i know I'm running out of options. So very stressed and worried here.

Not sure if any of you can offer me advice on Cerelle and how to handle the constant bleeding? Xx

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Hi Felicia. I've been on cerelle since September last year and feel as if I have been having an almost constant period. My GP put me on provera just before Christmas and I had about a month of feeling normal with no bleeding but then spotting started and beginning of February the bleeding started again and since then I bleed most days. I saw my consultant on Friday and he recommended that I stop taking both the cerelle and provera completely for seven to ten days, allowing my body to have a proper bleed during this time (which it is quite heavily), and then just start up with the cerelle again when the bleeding tails off and see if this works. I'm keeping everything crossed, otherwise shall have to consider other options. It gets me down at times too, particularly not knowing what each day has in store and I am utterly sick of constantly having to wear a pad. However, I have been pretty much pain free which has been a blessing. Hope this helps. You're not alone 🙂

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Hi Sarah. Oh u poor thing! It's just awful isn't it. Havito carry around spare underwear..pads..tampons..the lot just so u can leave the house..mental! Let me know how ur bleeding goes and wether it eases off for u. I'm running out of options now so i really hoped Cerelle would work xx

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I'll let you know how things go. I was only diagnosed last year at age of 50. Have had symptoms of endo since my early 30s. Next step could be zoladex which have been trying to avoid as hate injections of any sort but if needs must.. Hope things improve for you too x


Yeah my last easy option is Zolodex too. And i also hate injections and also my body rejects anything foreign in it so don't think it will work well but like u say...if needs must 😔 xx


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